An Oscar Winner Faded Away After Doing A Bad Bad Thing [Blind Item]

There is an actor that is still working today and will always be a B lister because of his acting talent, although he had a very long absence because of these two incidents. No one would hire the Academy Award winner/nominee despite his pedigree because of what he did. Apparently time heals a lot of wounds but when you do what he did, it takes a long time and forgiveness from the two women involved.

Back at the height of his fame which was not that long ago, he met up with this very underage teen who had just hit it big and was partying up a storm. When I say teen, I mean barely a teen, but still the biggest story out there. She was a wild child and was not above getting wasted out of her mind. Frequently. Daily even. No family who cared so she was on her own and this actor took advantage of that and had sex with her. She had sex previously but it was with guys just a little older than her, not a guy in his 30′s/40′s. He did it more than once. In fact he moved her in with him for about a month and then she got pregnant and he kicked her out and sent her back home to her family. What to do? The family sent her to get an abortion and also to rehab. Nothing really happened to the actor at that time. Later though he got into more trouble. 

The actor was involved with a woman who is also an actress and is a good solid B-/C+ to this day. Talented. She is very talented. They had a consensual relationship, although any relationship with this actor was always fraught with verbal and physical abuse. He beat her and yelled at her. She too got pregnant and wanted her to have an abortion. She refused. He would beat her on a daily basis to get her to change her mind. She refused. So, he beat her some more until finally one day she lost the baby. Two days later she was gone and so were his job prospects. Both actresses had powerful friends and this A lister who was on the top of his game just faded away almost instantly.

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(via Crazy Days And Nights)

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