An Open Letter To The Westboro Baptist Church: Leave Cory Monteith & Lea Michele Alone

Cory Monteith Tributes
Celebrities react to the news of Cory Monteith's death.
Dear Westboro Baptist Church,

There are so many questions I have for you, but the most important one is, “Why?” Why do you feel a need to picket the funeral of Cory Monteith, a man who did nothing to you but sing his heart on Glee?

You were all going around yesterday Tweeting at all of Cory’s friends and loved ones with:

How dare you do that to people who are going through something difficult? 

What is the point of picketing his funeral? It’s only makes everyone there feel worse and you look even more terrible than you already do. And how dare you then turn around and Tweet to his girlfriend, Lea Michele, who is going through an incredibly difficult time:

Honestly, just writing this to you guys is making me sick, because rarely do I see such hateful and offensive behavior. Leave these two alone. Let Cory rest in peace and let Lea deal with it in her own way.

I know that you won’t, because that’s the kind of demented people you are, but there are people fighting you everyday and one day, we will win and you’ll be lost in a sea of hellish nothing. Have fun with that.


Alright readers, what do you think of the plans to picket Cory’s funeral? And of their comments