An Open Letter To The Beckhams: Let Harper Walk

Dear Beckham Family,

Please let Harper walk. We know she can cause we’ve seen it, so why are you guys always holding her? Let her roam free, experience life, maybe fall down a few times! It could be fun!

Sure we get quite a kick out of seeing her big brother holding her, but we’d get even more of a kick out of watching a tiny child walking around. Plus! She’s always wearing such cute outfits that we can’t ever fully see because they’re being bunched up in the holding process. Like this adorable outfit, we didn’t even get to see all the money spent on it! 

Harper is growing up very quickly, and we understand that you love having her in your arms to hug and kiss, but isn’t it fun to just watch her occasionally? While the benefits of holding a child at a young age are very important, she’s passed the main holding age. And you just know that Harper has got all sorts of crazy dance moves in her that just are WAITING to be busted out.

Any hoo, in closing, I just ask one favor: let the girl walk. She’s adorable, she’s clearly one of our favorite celebrity babies and we just want to appreciate her cute outfits.

X, Sabba