An Open Letter To Socialite Life Readers: We Want Your Feedback!

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Dear Socialite Life Readers,

Hello friends! How’s your Monday going so far? Well, it is Monday, so it’s probably more on the meh side.

Any way, as some of you might know, Socialite Life turned 10 years old last week. It’s very exciting, especially when you consider the fact that most of the gossip and celebrity sites you read on an everyday basis aren’t even close to 10.

Well now that we’re getting older, we think it’s time for a Socialite Life facelift, and we want your feedback to help us do it! 

We really love our readers and we want to make Socialite Life the best place for you. So we want to know how you’re feeling about everything. Have you all checked out our new galleries, which make scrolling through the pictures so much better?

Have you noticed that coverage on some of your favorite celebs has been amped up? And in that same vein, are there celebrities that you guys love that we just don’t pay enough attention to? Socialite Life is all about delivering to our fans and we want to make sure that we’re giving you what you want to see and read.

We want you guys to leave us feedback on everything, not just this post. Write in the comments, tell us what you think of stories and celebrities and pictures and opinions–go all out! Remember to be civil to one another, but the internet is a place to express your opinions.

So guys, tell us how we can make Socialite Life an even better experience for you, because as I said, we wouldn’t be 10-years-old without your love and support. Sound off in the comments! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love Always & Forever,

Socialite Life