An Open Letter To Kristen Stewart Fans

May 6th, 2012 // 113 Comments
Kristen Stewart at the Breaking Dawn UK premeire

One of our writers made a flippant, insensitive and disrespectful comment about Kristen Stewart in a post two posts earlier this evening. The disparaging line was removed from the post (great point @kristenstewartnews), but the damage was already done.

Kristen Stewart has one of the most passionate (and colorful – I’m talking about some of the Twitter comments) fan base that I’ve ever witnessed. I applaud you for calling us out on this. There is nothing like the wrath of the Kristen Stewart fan base, and we definitely deserved it for this one. I seriously believe that if Kristen ran for President, her fans could get her elected.

Not that it really makes much difference at this point, but I am a big Kristen Stewart fan. I always have been, which you can see throughout my posts about Kristen. I will personally be the writer handling all of the Kristen Stewart postings, because she deserves that assured respect.

If you choose to return to Socialite Life, I’ll be extremely thankful and grateful, because I’m passionate about what I what I do and what I write about (almost nine years now). If you chose not to return, I completely understand, but you will definitely be missed.

Please accept my and Socialite Life’s sincerest apology.


Miu von Furstenberg

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Willa2

    Thank you. :)

  2. jacey

    Oh god. It wasn’t even that bad. This site snarks on lots of celebs. Why is Kristen Stewart not only off-limits, but requires groveling to her fanbase for forgiveness? Stop caving in to her pathetically obsessed fanbase of dozens.

    • Sorry ninni one thing is Snark another is mentioning her when the post had nothing to do with her and openly diss her for being in a relationship with a guy jealous hags like yourself envy her for , which was what the writer did

    • jen

      LOL “Stop caving in to her pathetically obsessed fanbase of dozens.”

      Uhh if it was just “dozens” Socialite Life wouldn’t have got their butts handed to them buy just a few dozen of fans…. so much that they apologized. Just putting that out there.

      Also to be honest I am not a huge fan of Stewart but even I do not get the senseless disdain for her. It all seems to stem from her not smiling at paps? Last I checked paps are a**holes that hound young girls for “upskirt shots” and celebs with young kids for pictures. If it were me… smiling would be the last thing on my mind.

    • sooostupid

      Oh give me a BREAK. She is just a celebrity. Not a doctor, not a firefighter, not anyone who does anything worth the money she makes. ANYONE could have been picked, these movies would have been popular no matter who was acting in them. I wish we could slam celebrities more. I’m sure all that money will make up for the scarring emotional damage she SURELY faced from this tremendously hurtful comment. Aaaaand continue to support her drug habit.

    • Z

      Jealousy… party of one “Oh give me a BREAK. She is just a celebrity. Not a doctor, not a firefighter, not anyone who does anything worth the money she makes. ANYONE could have been picked, these movies would have been popular no matter who was acting in them. I wish we could slam celebrities more. I’m sure all that money will make up for the scarring emotional damage she SURELY faced from this tremendously hurtful comment. Aaaaand continue to support her drug habit.” hahaha

    • xxx


  3. Clarissa

    Thank you!

  4. MonseTwilighter

    Thanks BUT what’s done, is done :/

  5. Elle

    Um why should you have to apologize? There are many people who hate Kristen Stewart… Will they go after them too? Please. I happen to be a big fan of Kristen’s but you can’t stop someone’s opinion.

    • Ingi

      There is a difference between having an opinion and hate and negativity. Opinion is welcome bet spreading hate is not.

    • grovel

      they dissed her for absolutely no reason,the article had absolutely nothing to do with her and the writer just brought her up out of the blue with such a harsh comment that she didn’t deserve ,so yeah it is a big deal.and if they feel the need to write an open letter of apology to kristen and her fanbase then they know they were in the wrong. There’s a huge difference between being negative and hateful and having an opinion..

    • Justletitbe

      Seriously, all I know is that when someone gives an opinion of Kristen that is not worshiping her fans go crazy and start threatening bodily harm. All celebrities at one time or another get picked on she should be no different. Honestly, you can tell with how she handles herself she could care a less what someone says about her. It was his article and he should be able to put in it what he wants. It was his opinion. I did not read it but as long as he did not lie about something it’s his/her right to do so without the Kristen Army going after every bad opinion. Sad that Kristen is the exception of all of the other celebrities out there who get digs. No one has to agree with the guy but at least give him his rights to say how the person feels.

    • Big

      Justletitbe, if you read something that you consider disrespectful you also have the right to complain. It goes both ways. It was truly an unnecessary remark, out of the blue and completely based on hate and machist as well (they are girls, not their boys’ trophies). I know that it happens many times to many people but It shouldn’t be this way. This is a business after all, so if they consider it was indeed uncalled for they should act on it. Not all the gossip sites have limits, it’s good that some of them start to have them.

  6. Thank you. Considering Sabba also made this remark in the post about Kristen leaving LAX today, I’d hope she’s been demoted at the very least to reporting about the Snookies of the world: “Kristen Stewart did her best “I have no emotions for this world” face as she was spotted leaving LA on Sunday”. This may not be the New York Times but the editorializing with a hateful slant is offensive. Not just for Kristen but for anyone in Hollywood with as strong a work ethic and dislike for the excesses of fame as Ms. Stewart. I avoid reading and promoting all blogs that allow this type of “reporting”.

  7. stupid

    What a Klassy bunch….those kristen stewart fans are….

    • Jess

      That was an extremely bitchy thing to say. Your writer should be ashamed of herself. I don’t even think the King of Scum Perez Hilton would sink that low. How pathetic.

  8. Peter

    Not a Kristen Stewart fan, but the comment itself was very unprofessional and I’m glad it was removed. Kinda uncalled for. Kristen Stewart has a LOT of fans, surprisingly enough. They’re everywhere.

  9. Jen

    Thank you for doing the right thing in the end! Its great to see that good people do exist!! There are enough crazy people hating on people they do not even know as it is! You have earned my respect Miu for not being on a hate bandwagon!

  10. mia

    it wasn’t necessarily an opinion, it was just a rude comment in an article that wasn’t about kristen. ” He gets Sienna Miller. Beautiful, talented, happy. While Rob is stuck with Kristen Stewart. ” idk, to me that’s a low blow.

    • GD

      Especially since Sienna isn’t exactly “innocent.” It just shows that this site values superficiality over substance.

    • Ady

      Kristen has a way better record than Sienna Miller in terms of personal and professional life but the author obviously thinks that’s not the case.I’m not sure on what basis she has reached this conclusion but its stupid either way.

  11. Millie

    Thank you! Unprofessional writers and bullies are everywhere on the internet! Thank you for regaining some class and professionalism.

  12. Sarah F.

    This is the problem with all these online “gossip” sites….they just think they can blog about anything and call it journalism. There is a BIG difference between freedom of speech and cheap talk.

  13. mia

    every person is entitled to their opinion and the writer of that article is no different, however it’s not cool to take a really rude dig at her in a post that wasn’t about her in any way shape or form. ” He gets Sienna Miller. Beautiful, talented, happy. While Rob is stuck with Kristen Stewart. ” that to me, to quote jennifer aniston, was “uncool”.

    • Hemingway

      The difference, however, is that she is a reporter for this site not an editorialist. If all she wants to do is give her opinion then she should stick to writing Op Eds for the Daily News.

  14. Lisa

    I’m glad to see that RESPECT has not gone completely out the window!!!! Jeez when did people get so hateful??? I commend Miu for taking the high road and admitting a mistake on the site. Rude comments and low digs about people they do not know are uncivilized and barbaric!

  15. Patsy

    “stupid | May 6, 2012 at 9:32 pm
    What a Klassy bunch….those kristen stewart fans are….”
    How ironic your username is “stupid”… it’s fitting.

    Anyways… there is a difference between opinion but the writer on this site who wrote the crass and out of left field comment ab Kristen just did it out of malice. The article was about Sienna and had nothing to do with Kristen. The hate for Kristen is very peculiar. She hasn’t done a thing to anyone … yet these Kristen haters act as if she ran over their kitten or stole their man. If it wasn’t so crazy it would be laughable.

  16. LIz

    Are these the same “passionate” fans who are currently ripping Sienna Miller apart on twitter?


    • Lucy

      NO! They are not the same!

    • Patsy

      Sienna Miller doesn’t have squeakiest of records (cheating with a married man, calling paps for herself, etc) but what celeb does? She doesn’t deserve hate and nor does Kristen Stewart. These people are actors not dolls and robots to behave on their OWN PERSONAL time the way you like. Sienna haters and Kristen haters should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Ady

      Saying that people are “ripping” on Sienna Miller is wrong imo.Ripping means hating someone passionately and making derogatory remarks unnecessarily .I don’t see anyone doing that here,pointing what Sienna did in past cannot be called hating.

  17. Megan

    Finally!!!! An online blogger with some sense or morality!!!!!! Thank you!

  18. melanie

    Thank you. It’s one thing to snark on a celeb in a story about them. It’s another thing entirely to bring them up in stories about other people just to bash them. Makes the writer seem like a jealous twit. As do some of those commenting on here right now.

  19. name

    So what did I miss? =(

  20. Dawn

    Wow! I never thought I’d see the day when an online blog site takes the classy route!!! Miu I commend you so much. This site has gone up in my estimations with a person like you at the helm!!! We can leave all the snarky passive aggressive behavior to people like PH and co. I’ll be coming here much more often now and leaving those loser sites!

  21. Alle

    Sabba Rahbar obviously has it out for Kristen for whatever reason. Not only did she post that asinine comment on the article about Kristen leaving LAX, she also posted it on Sienna and Tom’s lunch article. She looks for reasons to bring up Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart because she knows that she will get hits. Maybe she should be the one apologizing.

    • Z

      Exactly.Then again I wonder if Socialite Life gave her a “little talk” or just fired her. There are plenty fresh college students with journalism majors starving to do her job… and probably better.

  22. J2

    Patsy, I agree with you. These haters, are completely nuts. It’s not as if they personally know her. People “Haters” (including your reporter) need to get a life.

    Ms. Furstenberg, thank you for your open letter. I hope that the reporter who wrote this article is reprimanded for what they did. My sister, is an editor to a major publication. She would have dealt with this employee immediately. As my sister stated, there is a long line of people waiting for a job.

    Thanks again for the letter.

  23. Z

    Sometimes I feel like it’s a fad to hate on certain celebrities for the hell of it because they are popular… People feed on that for some weird reason. Like they act like if they say “so and so is so stupid for … x…y… reason” they somehow upped their “cool points.” It used to be Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Beiber, and it seems to be Kristen Stewart. And the weird thing is none of these celebs have ever done anything to anyone.

  24. Karen

    Lord, there are people fighting for their lives and dying from diseases that need help, but fans get up in arms when their favorite celebrity gets insulted/bashed/hated on. Get a grip people, there are bigger problems in the world. Please.

    • Eva

      And yet here you are posting on a gossip site.

    • irony

      Following the same reasoning, gossip sites should not exist, people should use their hate against dictators, politicians…who affect other people’s lives and not against singers, actors…who just offer products that you can consume or not. We all know that there are many important things out there but we are all here after all.

  25. xxx

    “Kristen Stewart has one of the most passionate (and colorful…) fan base”

    You mean the most annoying?

    • Sandra

      Her fans are not annoying, people like you are. I mean you obviously don’t like Kristen (and her fans) so why are you reading an article about her?

    • xxx


      So… According to your logic, I have to like people like Bin Laden because I read an article on them. Seriously, you look so dumb right now.

    • Ron

      “xxx”, as opposed to the person you mentioned, this is entertainment, nobody forces you to buy, watch, read or follow anyone. These singers, actors, celebs don’t have any effect in your life unless you want them to. Sometimes people hate them as if they murdered their grandmas or something, they are much more obsessed with them than their fans. Of course you can do whatever you want, but I don’t think you are in the position to call anyone annoying. And people who run places like this should leave the hate to the anonymous comments like yours and try to mantain a minimum of respect for everyone in general.

    • Really

      You are comparing a BIN LADEN article to a Kristen Stewart article. Woww! So the same reason you are reading a Bin Laden artlcle is the same reason you are reading this apologies to Kristen Stewart fans. And you are calling someone else dumb. I see! No comments

  26. Neph

    Wow, I really respect you. Thank you so much. And those that does not like the apologies. The title say An open letter to Kristen Stewart fans. If you are not a fan, do not read it. Miu, I really commended you for this letter. In a world where people feel like they can say anything they want on the Internet and not being accountable for it, I really thank you for this letter

  27. lake

    so when are you going to write an open letter to all the other celeb fanbases that get nasty things wrote about them, or do they need to trash you and post your email address on twitter like a certain few did first?

    • M

      If you have read something that you consider abusive about whoever you fancy, or in general, feel free to complain about it. It would be nice if there were more respectful and rational articles and sites, and less snark everywhere.

  28. Freedom of Speech

    People are allowed to think for themselves and have their own opinions. Not everyone thinks rainbows fly out of her ass. She’s not perfect, people are allowed to say so. This apology is an insult and censorship is pathetic. Cowtowing to anyone’s fanbase is just letting them bully you, and Stewart’s fans are the biggest bullys on the internet. You aren’t allowed to dislike her for her wooden acting, bird flipping, foul mouthed swearing or any other reason. You’re automatically labelled a “hater” because you think she lacks talent, grace or charm. Grow a pair and stop apologizing for something having a mind of their own.

    • great

      Ok, so let’s all trash and abuse everyone and get paid for it. No limits, anything is allowed, whatever opinion you have based on race, appearance, sexual preferences. We can also treat girls as trophies and famous people in general as punching bags…No regrets. And don’t dare to complain about it, freedom of speech should be used only to hate.

    • Michelle

      There are hundreds of photos of celebrities flipping the bird. And yet only the haters (yes, haters) bitch about Kristen doing it. There are hundreds of celebrities who curse and have fouls mouths. And yet only the haters bitch about Kristen doing it. She is an adult. What difference does it make to you or anyone else? She is not hurting anybody. Get over it.

    • DuchessKate

      If you are offended by someone cursing or flipping the bird then you need to stop watching tv, stop browsing the web, and lock yourself in your house. People get ‘offended’ by things everyday but they continue on. What effect does her cursing have on you? None what so ever. If you were really offended you would stop reading her interviews.

  29. nina

    I can NOT believe this… SRSLY socialite? WTF did those fans do to you that you wrote this sh*tty article above? What does that mean now? That you’ll only give us @#ss kissing Kristen Stewart articles? WTH, no more ongjectivity from this site? Don’t worry about it socialite, you can stick to your Kristen Stewart fans, there are plenty of other celebrity sites for the rest of the world!

    • Scary

      To be fair, since when is “ongjectivity” involved in hating people that did nothing to you? “ongjectivity” is not hating nor *ss kissing. “ongjectivity” is almost inexisent in gossip sites, they usually go on the “trash everyone” route. That’s obviously what you like and desperately need, I don’t know why. But calm down, there are plenty of trashy sites out there that cater to your inner (and outer) dark side.

    • Tina

      LOL, Nina’s butthurt. She’d rather Kristen Stewart hate posts.

      Sorry, just another place we have claimed :)

  30. okay

    Thanks for the apologies and for acknoledging that what was written was not cool. At all. Well this letter should have been addressed to Kristen’s fanbase AND to Kristen herself though. No idea what she reads on the net and what her management tells her about all the articles about her. But whether she’s made aware of it all or not, it doesn’t really matter, she could have been included in the title.

    Oh, I still see the 2 (not 1) comments on the articles even after I refresh the pages. that’s weird *confused* Anyway, which comment are you talking about? I thought it was the comparison with Sienna but maybe that was something else that was removed before I read the articles?

  31. okay

    Oh just found out what was actually removed EEK That was mean indeed. Though the ‘winning in the gf department’ since Sienna is ‘beautiful talented and happy’ that was left and which I actually read (the other part was already removed) is as mean as what was deleted. Just not as direct. It’s implied all the same.
    Anyway thanks for the apologies.

  32. Letstakerealityforaspin

    Good Lord you people are crazy. The main problem here is not what the editor said, it’s that there is another person who doesn’t like Kristen Stewart.
    People call Kristen’s fans passionate. I’m pretty sure the term is psychotic. It’s double standard really. If someone says something bad about Kristen, they are wrong and a bully, but you all jump on the band wagon if someone says anything bad about Nikki or anyone else you deem a threat to the “epic love.”
    FYI, not everyone thinks the drug addict, boring, fake, brat is a “role model.” Apologize to Kristen for what? Being truthful? It’s a gossip column. You don’t come here for breaking news or the truth.

    • Alit

      Who the eff is Nikki?

    • Truth

      To be honest, you seem much more obsessed with her than her fans

    • Ryan

      Drug addict? She was caught one time with a pipe. Four years ago. All of a sudden thats a drug addict? Please. Why don’t you go and bitch about Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga who admitted that they need either weed or cocaine in order to write music.

    • Becky

      Fake? Seriously? Because she refuses to talk about her relationship? Or play up to the public? That’s your definition of fake? Honey, you need serious help!

    • CM89

      No one is trying to make Kristen a role model. In fact Kristen herself said she wasn’t one.

    • casey

      “epic love” ? . How strange that you seem almost more informed about Stewart than even her own fans. Especially since you seem to be bothered by her… you’d think if you didn’t like an actress you’d wouldn’t be so informed on her life. Just something to think about.

      And granted you are allowed to dislike the girl… but can’t we agree that what the author wrote was misogynistic. I mean I assume you are a woman… but do you actually think it’s appropriate to juxtapose a woman to an award as if she was like farm animal at a county fair? Or is it just ok if it’s Kristen?

    • Moi

      “Apologize to Kristen for what? Being truthful? It’s a gossip column. You don’t come here for breaking news or the truth.”

      Ok so first you say that author was being truthful and then you go on and say that gossip sites are not meant for truth.Umm make up your mind about this thing first and then come here.You are only pissed off because the author was bashed for hating on Kristen and nothing else.This is not about matter of opinion for you which clear after seeing what you’ve wrote about Kristen so please don’t pretend that it is.I can see through it.

  33. DS

    What pisses me off is the same people crying Bully, are the same people who will crucify you if you don’t think the hag farts rainbows.

    • Jana

      You can not like someone and not call them names at the same time.

    • Lisa

      “farting rainbows,” is how you classify your like or hatred of a celebrity who hasn’t done anything to garner such negativity… how very vapid

    • Woah

      You should post your own pic before calling anyone hag.I would love to see how pretty you look in real life ;)

  34. Jess

    That is stupid. Why does everyone treat this dirty, untalented, bitch like a princess? She is a disgrace to the acting world. If you’re going to be nice to Kristen even after all the insensitive things she has said than you better start being nice to all celebrities.

    • Elizabeth

      What the hell has she done to you to deserve being called a bitch? Disgrace to the acting world? You are a disgrace to women everywhere. She has won MANY acting awards. She has critical praise for her work. And what have you dont with your life? Maybe when you finally grow up and finish high school you will understand. Until then your parents should limit your Internet usage.

    • Lisa

      Get help my dear…it’s not healthy to be this negative and have so much anger towards a celebrity that you don’t even know.

    • What?

      Jess, Jess, Jess, calm down. It seems that someone tied you to your chair and force you to watch, read or listen to everything related to her. Having so many options out there why are you so obsessed and interested in someone that is so below your delicate palate? She does not decide the taxes you pay nor she murdered your family. You are directing your frustrations to the wrong person

    • l

      Your mom needs to ban for from using internet.Its obviously not doing you any good.

  35. Mom to 5 Girls

    Bringing Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s name into a post about Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller is completely necessary, definitely snarky and something that will happen again and again-if not these celebs, it will be others. Because that is what you decided would be your life’s work- tearing people down. I’m glad you had a taste of the Kristen Stewart fans- as passionate as they are, they have decided to take a look at this young woman- listen to her interviews, watch her work and not do a 30 second drive by of old recycled remarks that represent an image that doesn’t exist. I don’t know how old the writer was who wrote what she did, and I don’t know how old you are, but you are both woman aren’t you? Why do women have to continually tear one another down.? I am much older than Kristen Stewart and I have such respect for how she handles public snark like she does from everyone -this site, Chelsea Handler, Lainey, Ted and it goes on. I would really like to see the original author of the post do more than apologize. She should really have to post a truthful autobiography of the work she has done ages 9 to 22-listing the income she’s made, the work shes done, pictures of her clothing choices, with her friends revealing conversations- her little secrets and escapades-all those fun little learning experiences shes had. For that matter lets do what she did, compare Sienna Miller to Kristen Stewart, when Sienna was 17-22 yrs old. There are just so many reasons this was wrong. I do hope your advertisers look into advertising elsewhere.

    • casey

      Agreed. It’s very strange. the bigger point of the article really isn’t so much the author’s obvious malice towards Kristen but the disgusting remark basically translating that a women’s worth and clout is directly tied to a man and if he finds her “winning.” As if she was a pig or horse at the county fair. People are allowed to not like Kristen Stewart for their own reason but in all fairness most of them of these people are missing the big picture and are basically condoning the writer marginalizing women as accessories and that was most offensive to me.

    • DuchessKate

      I agree with almost everything you said. Most Gossip sites love her, including Ted C and Lainey. Lainey, however, doesn’t like Rob. Hollywood Life is completely unreliable but they tend to favor her as well. Most sites do. However some of the message boards (Awful Truth) get bombarded by trolls (aka nonstens). They are always the ones bringing up her cursing and flipping the papz. Anyone who has access to tv or the web knows that celebs curse and flip the bird all the time. It’s nothing new and it doesn’t hurt anybody. At this point nobody even cares. But the nonstens love to bring it up as if Kristen is the only personal on earth to do such a thing. Goodness, it’s pathetic.

    • Katia

      Congrats! A very clever comment actually. I don’t see men trashing men the way women do. It is really sad.

  36. Athena

    It’s pathetic that the original writer won’t step up and apologize. Instead she has her co-worker do it for her. Such sincerity! Right…

  37. Buffy

    The original writer shouldn’t have to apologize for having an opinion, it’s a free country, not everyone drank the KSTew koolaid. She’s had plenty of practice apologizing for the dumb things she says, like comparing being photographed to being raped, and she still hasn’t apologized for her wishing people would freeze to death in Paris, which was beyond insensitive, considering over 100 people had already died across Europe when she screamed “Freeze to death!” at the paps.

    If KStew enjoys the perks of being a celebrity then her fans need to learn how to deal with the fact that not everyone likes her or thinks she’s a good actress. I think we can all agree that she’s a sell-out though, signing on to another teen franchise, hawking perfume and being paid to show up at fashion shows. Little Miss Indie Rebel is just a hypocrite now, she does everything she can to seek attention and fame while whining about how she wants privacy. Hypocrite.

    • Mom to 5 Girls

      I love the maturity level and reasoning you exhibit- “it’s a free country”- a favorite taunt of the playground set. Then yet another standby- ‘if she enjoys the perks of being a celeb then………….” the unspoken requirement of submission because she owes the public, her fans, and most especially her green eyed critics. Next, the ever popular- “hypocrite” because somewhere along the way the 30 second drive-by assessments determined she said she would never do another franchise (SWATH- is not a teen franchise), and that she would never be into fashion- things she’s never said. Last to be fair, in exercising our first amendment rights, accept the same challenge- tell us about yourself ages 17-22 yrs. All grades, activities, disagreements, good deeds and mistakes. Tell us about the hundreds of offers for work you receive and how you don’t even consider them because accepting money for doing a job would be selling out. I guess we will see you at your local Occupy protest.

    • Ady

      @ Mom to 5 Girls I couldn’t have said it better myself :)

    • Linda

      Once again, she DID NOT compare being photographed to being raped. She compared the intrusion of the papz (them stalking her) to being raped. And it’s true. If you watch the papz videos you can see how they shove cameras in her face. How they scream obscenities at her to get a reaction. She didn’t ask for that. She has stated many times over that she doesn’t like that aspect of being famous. Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, and Courtney Love have all made rape comments (Portman and Love’s were worse) and yet the haters (nonstens) only bring up Kristen’s. We get it, you don’t like her! Then why are you here? This is an open letter to KS FANS! Not haters. Go away.

    • Mary

      1) SWATH is not another teen franchise.

      2) since when is being the face of a perfume ad equivalent to being a sell out? 

      3) what, her fashion taste isn’t allowed to grow? She’s supposed to like the same things at 22 yrs old that she did at 18? Please.

      She NEVER said that she wouldn’t do another franchise or sign with a fashion company or even start to like fashion. She said at 18 years old that she wasnt interested in fashion at that time. Do you still have the same interests from when you were younger? Do you still play with barbies? She has never said anything bad or nasty about people who like fashion. 

      I’m not sure what your definition of a sell out is but to the rest of us she doesn’t fit it. 

    • Sidney

      You seem to know an awful lot about her for someone who claims to not like her. Do us all a favor ad stop stalking her. If you don’t like her it’s very, very easy to ignore her.

  38. A

    Apologize to her for what? Not worshipping the ground she walks on? I think it’s about time her cult takes their head out of her ass and start growing some brain cells. Maybe then they would see the talentless hag for what she really is. And please don’t drop the many “awards” crap on me. The nickelodeon, teen choice and MTV awards do not count. As for this oscar people swear she is going to get, unless looking like a platypus is a new category, i highly doubt. 

    • Ady

      Stay classy! I bet your mom must be really proud of you.

    • Josie

      You are right, the MTV/KCA/PCA don’t count.
      But she has won a BAFTA Rising Star Award. And Best Actresd at the Milan International Film Festival. And the Independent Film Spirit Awards. Why don’t you check Wikipedia before you type something.

  39. name

    Ok Beliebers, calm the fuc* down.

  40. kim

    I don’t understand why an apology was issued when all celebs have to deal with all types of snark on the internet? What’s going on here? This apology is very suspicious.

    • Woah

      Kristen is immensely popular and Socialite Life wants her fans to visit their site.This is not Lilo we are talking about here,ya know? Nothing suspicious here.

  41. Tina

    Sabba Rahbar must feel pretty stupid right now, seriously what is eating her?

  42. alex

    Seriously Socialitelife??? Why are you apologizing? Jeez, unbelievable and ridiculous!

    • E

      Because they want to show they are classy and respectable, unlike the sites you usually visit. your colors are showing.

  43. jess

    What really bothers me are the double standards… This fandom never stood up for Rob when Lainey ( or other bloggers) trash him on her articles. But If you say one bad thing about Kristen Stewart. You get attacked.. Idk, i was a R/K fan before It was cool and fun but now The double standards between Rob and Kristen make me sick.

    • pc345

      Thank you. People claim to be fans of both, but Ted and Lainey say much worse things about Rob all the time and no one cares. What this writer said wasn’t inflammatory or even particularly mean. But her fanbase freaks out whenever anyone says a word against her. Yet they not only DON’T call out other gossip columnists, they continue to support them because so long as they’re nice to Kristen, they don’t care WHAT they say about Rob.

      And I’m not suggesting they should start throwing fits over negative comments about Rob. I don’t believe trying to force people into liking anyone is a good idea or something that helps a celebrity out in the long run. Policing the internet for negative comments won’t make anyone more popular. But the hypocrisy by much of Kristen’s fanbase is pretty obvious.

    • saly

      well i support both but if you realy a R and K fan you will know that kristen get so much hate from rob’s fans specially and i really don’t think you are a fan of kristen

    • Jo

      No, the difference is Rob fans are not freaks who declare WW II if someone dares have a negative opinion about him.

  44. nt

    The article was suppose to be about Tom and Sienna but the writer took it upon herself to bring up Kristen’s name and it was definately a diss at her.It was very unprofessional of this woman and was just plain wrong,plus women should be sticking up for other women but instead it just boils down to envy and it is showing big time.Now I don’t like Sienna because it is well known she messed around with a married man for several years and loves the paps but oh noone is saying a word about that but it’s okay to say mean things about Kristen because she stole your fantasy boyfriend Rob.What a bunch of bitter screeching harpies!

  45. Rona

    So Senna Miller is better than Kristen? Why? Because she is single and pregnant or becasue she has a history of bedding married men?

  46. Yes

    Wake up people and thank you all who protested against slamming Kristen! You actually defend yourself, not just her. Since when the bolg writer has a right to call right and wrong and define what is right and wrong? I guess you are the same. If you went through 20 bfs and have no hope for any desent out come in your private life you seek company of people with the same mind and same qualities. Senna Miller is now a standard of a good GF!! LOL!!x 100. Read some info about her, start with Wiki and go one. Hooking up with a married man(with children) certainly saound brave and ” you go get it girl” conduct, something like those blog writers aspire to. People, don’t be brain washed. Let Senna be, I don’t bother her BUT DO NOT STICK HER conduct or personality like soem kind of example to follow. (English is not my primary tongue, sorry)

  47. Jo

    So, the Kristen Stewart fans vastly overreacted and freaked out because someone dared to criticize her perfection? LOL! What’s new? Overreacting obsessives are obsessive and overreacting.

    Geesh, people get a life.

  48. carly

    is not about freedom of speech, there was NO REASON to even bring up her name, the writer showed her jealousy towards Kristen, what guy wouldn’t want to be stuck with a pretty 22 year old woman, with a hot career, millions in her bank account, what seems to be a very sweet, nice person, poor poor Robbie, we should feel bad for him!! It was an idiotic, unecessary snarky remark, why did she feel the need to trash another girl? because she has the man that could only dream about, how sad that women had to trash each other to feel better about themselves. Kristen has haters, but she has MANY fans that will defend her, as it was shown in this instance, good job on Kristen fans!!!

  49. fetu

    and have free speech for the press? journalists can no longer say what they think?

    • Ann

      Sure, writers can say what they think . And so can the readers. Which they did. But you specifically referenced “journalists”, which Rahba is not. Journalists are fair and objective; they report facts, not opinion. That is where Rahba failed the journalist test. She threw in a dig at Stewart, even though the article had nothing to do with her. That is called having an agenda. And one of the reasons people were so upset was that she implied that a man should be judged by his girlfriend, and that women are some kind of trophy to be judged. It was a very sexist comment, in my opinion. Regardless of who the celebrity was.

  50. Ms Rahba obviously had an axe to grind and used her posts as a means to that end. She has personal connections to Kristen and you don’t have to look very far to find them. Such unprofessionalism deserves a demotion at the very least.

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