An Open Letter To Kristen Stewart Fans

One of our writers made a flippant, insensitive and disrespectful comment about Kristen Stewart in a post two posts earlier this evening. The disparaging line was removed from the post (great point @kristenstewartnews), but the damage was already done.

Kristen Stewart has one of the most passionate (and colorful – I’m talking about some of the Twitter comments) fan base that I’ve ever witnessed. I applaud you for calling us out on this. There is nothing like the wrath of the Kristen Stewart fan base, and we definitely deserved it for this one. I seriously believe that if Kristen ran for President, her fans could get her elected.

Not that it really makes much difference at this point, but I am a big Kristen Stewart fan. I always have been, which you can see throughout my posts about Kristen. I will personally be the writer handling all of the Kristen Stewart postings, because she deserves that assured respect.

If you choose to return to Socialite Life, I’ll be extremely thankful and grateful, because I’m passionate about what I what I do and what I write about (almost nine years now). If you chose not to return, I completely understand, but you will definitely be missed.

Please accept my and Socialite Life’s sincerest apology.


Miu von Furstenberg