An Open Letter To Justin Bieber: Now Can You Stop Being A Douche?

Justin Has Wings!
The pop star wore wings during a show in the UK.
Dear Justin Bieber,

Are you done? Have you had enough? Can you join the normal ranks of humanity now? Dude, you’ve been making some serious headlines the past few months, and very little of it has been positive.

And now you were part of one of the best moments at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards last night when you got booed while making your acceptance speech for winning the Milestone Award. Doesn’t that tell you something? Doesn’t it make it clear that people are totally done with your bullshit? 

Here’s the thing. I know you’re 19-years-old, I know you’re just being a teenager, I know you’re just doing your thing and being yourself. But the sad truth of the matter Biebs: you are a celebrity. Being a celebrity makes you a role model. So you’ve got little kids watching you and seeing you do really douchie things like getting a baby monkey then deciding you don’t want it. That’s not cool.

I’m really hoping that the boos were a wake-up call for you. Not everyone is in with the act you’ve got going on. And the more you continue this, the more people are going to stop being your fans. Those boos will get louder and you’ll lose your place on the mantel of pop music.

So come on Justin, stop it. Even Taylor Swift is sick of your nonsense. Take a break, enjoy a beach, and come back to us when you’ve gotten a sense of reality back.



What do you guys think of Justin’s behavior? Think he needs a reality check?