An Open Letter To Jayden Sink: You Go Girl, Selling Your Lemonade For Peace!

Equality For All
Here are reasons gay marriage should be legalized.
Dear Jayden Sink,

You are officially the coolest 5-year-old I know. Let’s us recap the awesome stuff you did this weekend. You are your proud papa, Jon Sink, set up a lemonade stand in Topeka, Kansas and were selling lemonade for peace.

Now Jayden, I realize this doesn’t sound very exciting, but you’ve got to remember that you set it up at Equality House, a big rainbow house located directly across from the headquarters of the Westboro Baptist Church. You know how I’m writing you a letter on how cool you are? I would write them a letter calling them a lot of bad words that a 5-year-old shouldn’t hear.

Jayden, I really applaud you and your dad for raising over $10,000 in the name of peace. And I do hope you didn’t let the fact that the folks from the Westboro Baptist Church were yelling things at you get you down. I mean, if they’re the type of people that post this Tweet and then change their sign to this, you don’t need to think about them.

Those are some people who need some serious help. But you, my young friend, are already on your way to a better and brighter future. You keep on selling your lemonade for peace and we’ll stand behind you. Now Jayden, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe I have some money to donate for peace.

Kindest regards,