An Open Letter To Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco: Tips On How To Make Your Relationship Less Fake

Henry Cavill Works It
Check out how Henry got in shape for 'Man of Steel.'
Dear Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco,

Congrats on becoming a couple! I mean, you guys really want us to believe that something is going on there, so we’re gonna go ahead and play along with you. But, I think it’s only fair that we give you two a few tips on how to make this relationship of yours look a bit more believable.

It’s going to take some damage control since the start to it was pretty silly, but I think that with enough help, some well-timed photographs and a few magazine interviews, we should be good. 

First of all, Henry, we need to hear about your break-up with Gina Carano. When did it happen? Why did happen? Did you try to make it work? I mean, we saw you guys together only two months ago, so you’ve got clear it all up for us.

Second, we need a better story for how you guys met. Cause right now the story is that you both work for Warner Brothers and have the same publicist, which–let’s be honest here–only adds fuel to flame of “their relationship is a total set-up.”

Third, make sure you get some interviews into fancy magazines stat talking about how you’ve changed each other’s lives. Henry, maybe throw in something about how you didn’t know you could be this happy, while Kaley says something about how she’d had a crush on you forever, so it’s a dream come true.

And finally, get some better, less staged paparazzi pics taken. Cause those grocery store ones were so fake they made these photos of Courtney Stodden showing off her boobs look real.

Anyway guys, if this is real, good luck! If not, use these tips to make it better. Call us if you need anything else. We’re here to help!

Love Always & Forever,