An Open Letter To Chris Brown & Rihanna: Thank You For Breaking Up

Really Rihanna?
Rihanna And Chris Brown, Together Once Again
Dear Chris Brown & Rihanna,

Thank you guys so much for officially breaking up. We know this sounds harsh, but trust us, in the long run it’s going to be so much better for both of you.

No more of this whole off-and-on thing that just confuses the public and you guys–both of you can now start fresh with new people, which is apparently just what Chris wants. And he doesn’t wanna “wife” anyone. Rihanna, is that what you wanted? Don’t you know it’s not a good idea to marry a guy who can be abusive? 

Even if it was really just a one time thing, men who have the ability to be abusive even once can be abusive again. Trust me, I’ve worked with a lot of domestic violence victims and the two of you were sending out mixed messages when you got back together. I mean, if you do end up together sometime down the line, fine great, more power to you, but for now you’re both way too young to be in a relationship that clearly causes so many issues for the both of you.

In the end guys, your happiness is what matters, but this break-up needed to happen and we applaud you for doing it. Now just don’t do that super annoying thing of getting back together then breaking up again because life wasn’t working out. Then I’ll be forced to write another letter that will be much more annoyed.



So what do you guys think of their break-up? Are you happy they’ve finally called it quits? Think they’re just gonna get back together again in a few months? Sound off in the comments!