An Open Letter To Amanda Bynes: Come Back To Us

Amanda Bynes Arrested
Bynes leaves police station following arrest for DUI
Dear Amanda Bynes,

Please come back to us. We truly miss the old Amanda. Remember when life was awesome and you were on All That and The Amanda Show–looks!!–and even your great role in Easy A? Remember how awesome all of that was?

Now your hair is looking ridiculous, your pierced cheeks are still freaking me out and you’ve created this whole new persona on Twitter that we still do not understand. So we ask you again, please come back to us? 

It’ll be great! I’m thinking a What I Like About You TV movie to get things rolling. You and Jennie Garth can come back and let us know what’s been happening with your characters since we left off. Then you can make another big screen transition. Maybe something sweet and fluffy à la What A Girl Wants or She’s The Man. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about something racy like a Sin City or a Spring Breakers? That could be fun.

In conclusion Amanda, we just want you to be safe and healthy. Sure, if what you’ve got going on right now makes you happy, then more power to you. But if it’s just not your thing anymore, we will take you back with open arms.

Love Always,