An Adorable Baby And Below Freezing Problems Pretty Much Sums Up Hilary Duff’s Instagram

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I follow Hilary Duff on Instagram, and I’m never disappointed. While a lot of celeb Instagrams or Twitter pics are kind of weird and out there, Hilary Duff’s is just down to earth and fun. What a breath of fresh air.

Hilary is currently in NYC filming the TV Land pilot for Younger, a show about a young 20 something who befriends a co-worker without knowing she’s actually a decade older than her. Sounds pretty hilarious. Since she’s filming in NYC, Hilary has been doomed to the below freezing weather, and she’s definitely not shy about how much she dislikes it. 

Her Instagram includes layered up selfies and a picture of her super nice, super wet boots after she stepped in a puddle of snowy mess. Whoops! She may have finally made her escape though, because her most recent pictures show her on a tropical beach somewhere. I guess there’s only so many times you can Instagram the cold before you just can’t take it anymore.

Much to my delight, her pictures also include shots of her absolutely adorable son Luca, including one of Hilary letting him do her makeup. Literally the cutest thing ever! Maybe now that she’s somewhere warm we’ll get to see pictures of Luca playing in the sand on the beach. Honestly, she’s worth a follow just for that adorable possibility alone.