An Abundance Of Facial Hair In Hollywood [PHOTOS]

Jake's beard
He cleaned it up, but will he ever lose it completely?
Winter is getting closer and closer here in Hollywood. The usual 70 degree weather is slowly starting to disappear and all the famous inhabitants are taking note. The girls are starting to wear their trendy tights and beanies, while the guys are starting to sport their vintage motorcycle jackets.

However, the must have winter accessory for any cool guy in town is a beard. Now, the beard can vary in shapes and colors, but as long as it’s there, and said celebrity gets photographed wearing it, you’re golden. And it seems that as soon as summer ends, scruff starts popping up face by face. The once clean faces of actors like Jason Segel and Topher Grace have become peppered with scruff. Not necessarily a bad thing, though!

So, in celebration of the beardiest season of the year, we’ve compiled a list of some of Hollywood’s most popular beard owners. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to grow your own! And if you’re a girl… well, just enjoy.