An A-List Couple With A Big Secret! [Blind Item]

He’s a big movie star. She’s had one really major role, and is already booked for half a dozen new projects. You probably already know that they are dating. What you may not know are the facts behind the pairing. It’s a public relations set up. She is bisexual. He is gay.

In fact, his ex-wife left him because she found him in bed with another guy! But for now, together, these two attractive actors make for crazed paparazzi and great photo ops. Well, that is, at least until their contract expires in a couple of months. (via BlindGossip)

We’ve got one more blind item for you.

This actor on a newer HBO series, is struggling with overcoming an add*ction to alcohol. He’s asked that while on set, no one brings alcohol around him or his trailer to avoid the temptation. Unfortunately, one careless cast member is always offering him a beer in between takes, to the point that some of the other cast think it might be on purpose. (via BuzzFoto)

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