Amy’s Baking Company Owners Lose Their Shit On Facebook After ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Episode Airs

This is epic insanity at its best!

Once Gordon Ramsey came in to Amy’s Baking Company for Kitchen Nightmares the shit really hit the fan. He only liked Amy’s desserts and basically sent everything back. Amy could not take feedback at all and kept arguing with him and insisting her food was good. She didn’t seem “sane” exactly, and talked very quickly and loudly. By the end of the show the dysfunction got to be too much for Ramsey and he told the owners he couldn’t help them. It was the first time he’d walked out on a restaurant in the show’s history.

Well it gets better. After the show aired, the Facebook page for Amy’s Bakery blew up. Amy and Samy just could not hack it and went off on everyone. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this – if you check their Yelp reviews from years ago they personally attacked reviewers who left negative reviews.

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