Amy Winehouse Possibly Moving to Miami, I’m Guessing to Escape David Gest’s Tongue

Word has it that Amy Winehouse and hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, are considering taking up residence in the very city where they had their impromptu wedding. When Amy and Blake got married in Miami earlier this year, Amy’s mother was upset that she was cheated out of getting to give her daughter the big wedding she’d been planning since Amy was a little girl. But, Amy’s hoping to prove to how much she simply loves the city by buying a piece of real estate there.

“They love Miami — I don’t know what it is about the place but it has this draw for them.

“They have been seriously talking about buying a place over there.

“Amy is romantic — it is a special place for her because that is where they got married.”

Meanwhile, David Gest is a bit of a romantic himself, recently saying that if, given half the chance, he’d be more than happy to lick Amy.

David I love that beehive she wears, I love her tattoos, I’d lick her toes! I’m in love with Amy Winehouse, I’d like to lick the inside of her hair, you’d probably find kfc stuck in it!

Great. Now, I’m going to have nightmares of David Gest licking Amy Winehouse and discovering giant buckets of fried chicken. Well, at least I guess it’s bumping my Chevy Chase rape dream out of my rotation. That one was getting kind of old.


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