Amy Winehouse Pisses Off Producer

Mark Ronson, on of the producers behind Amy’s hit album, “Back to Black,” is reportedly furious with the troubled singer because she recently flaked on a video shoot. However, it’s not so much that Amy flaked, as that she claimed to be “really ill” only to have Ronson see pictures of her beach vacation indicating that maybe Amy simply didn’t feel like working.

“After all the hassle that Amy created by pulling out of the video shoot, seeing pictures of her living it up on a tropical island infuriated Mark – and justifiably so.

“He has been hugely concerned about Amy and considers her a great friend. But he’s telling friends their working relationship is over for good.”

In the end, Ronson employed the services of an Amy look-alike to make for the shoot. And Ronson’s not the only one whom Amy has been letting down as of late. Again, she’s pulled out at the last-minute on an engagement, this time for the MTV Video Music Awards next week in Las Vegas. Now, we all know that I like my divas crazy (with a side of extra weave, please), but this is getting ridiculous.