Amy Winehouse Makes Like a Camel

I have a feeling the intervention countdown clock set by family and close friends of Amy Winehouse is getting THISCLOSE to going off. Amy Winehouse, frustrated during a recent set at a concert performance of hers, spat at fans while they exited during the show. Girlfriend was getting all kinds of upset, boinking her own head with the microphone when she kept forgetting the lyrics to her songs, wandering over to her husband for an emotional interchange, after which she’d appear back on stage, looking as if she were wiping tears from her cheeks.

“The gig became absolutely awful. Members of her entourage were coming on to the stage, obviously worried she couldn’t go on, and she would just shout “f*** off” at them. Everyone in the crowd just felt sorry for her.”

This really is some worrisome news. But Amy’s rep did his best to minimize the disturbing aspects of the account, telling The Mirror.

“She is a bit ring rusty after not having played for a while and was upset after making a few mistakes in the set.”

Holy moley. This isn’t punk rock, sweetheart. This is R&B. When there are doo-wop singers on stage, fans do not expect that they’ll be moshing, nor do they have any interest in being spat upon. Girlfriend is making me nervous, and I’ve never even met her.


More photos of Amy Winehouse doing a little shopping are after the jump.