Amy Winehouse Health Fears

September 4th, 2007 // 7 Comments

In the hotel suite where Amy Winehouse is spending her Caribbean vacation, maids cleaning up the room discovered that a disturbing scene in the bathroom. From the Mirror:

“There was blood and vomit all over the bathroom, it was just terrible.

“It looked like she’d been sick many times. There was blood mixed up in the vomit.”

Yikes. And management then offered to send for some medical care for the couple, but they refused it, saying that Amy would be “fine.” The staff also mentioned that the pasty couple stand out quite a bit from the other guests because “they’re both covered in cuts and have tattoos all over their bodies.” Oh lord. This Sid and Nancy nonsense is out of control. I feel like my Amy Winehouse Disaster countdown clock is in overdrive and I have no idea how to stop it…

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. thorn

    What the hell is wrong with these freakin’ losers??? Did anyone inject heroin into these “bodies”?? They’ve brought this shit on themselves & maybe death is what they’re seeking. I’m so sick of this “poor Amy” & “Blake did this or that”. They are enabling eachother & by you saps crying for either one of them are enabling them as well. So many people work hard at being healthy & fighting those demons but these dumbasses are weak I feel bad for their families, friends, & fans who are watching this trainwreck & can’t do anything about it because these two won’t admit there is a problem.

  2. noway

    you know what i thought when i read this….maybe they decided to that hotel in the caribbean to go through withdrawals together, to avoid withdrawing in a rehab center.

    i read somewhere else that the couple was avoiding alcohol and were sticking to fruit punches. why else would they be so sick and vomiting? maybe they just decided to go away to detox for a few days by themselves and get the smack out of their systems in a comfortable place.

  3. Nanc'

    I hope you’re right “noway”. It did cross my mind that it could have been withdrawal but those track marks look pretty new.

  4. peachpie

    i’m sure her parents feel the same way, Lisa. *tick tock*

  5. Bryce

    It is so sad to see so much talent go down the drain…..what a waste.

    …..but the truth is….


    Amy was born with natural talent and karisma…
    a gift….and like Jimi Hendrix…

    and John Belushi….


    she will be dead in a couple of years…

    just like that other fat-ass blonde who
    married the old rich guy….

    ….yeah what was her name anyway?

    the gloop

  6. Gloop-Eey

    Amy is a loser…

    born with natural talent….karisma..

    and she is blowing it…

    just like Jimi Hendrix..and John Belushi…

    the gloop

  7. Nicole

    skinny again!!!!!!!!

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