Amy Winehouse Gets Dolled Up For Dad In The Hospital

Amy Winehouse went to see her ill father at the hospital on August 12th, bringing him some ‘homemade’ chicken soup. The Back to Black singer, really took the time to look nice for papa bear. Seen here in a black dress with her fake tah tahs saying hello to the world, Amy keeps her cool as she makes her way through the crowd.

Mitch Winehouse, who has been trying to keep his daughter Amy from dying of a drug overdose ever since she hit the big time, used to be a taxi driver. After a more thorough look into his illness it was found that he had gallstones and will need surgery.

“He’s making a swift recovery and will be back on his feet and hopefully continuing with his shows in a few weeks,” said a rep for the family.

As much of a mess as Amy has been and still continues to be at times, the girl has got a voice. I’m super psyched for her new album. It seems like she has it together for now. I really hope her father gets well soon, because if he doesn’t, we know from experience that Amy won’t hold up well.