Amy Winehouse Free To Terrorize The Land Once More

April 26th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Amy Winehouse, in a British jail since yesterday on suspicion of assault, has been freed. She probably pulled bail out of her beehive. Hell, she probably pulled a car out of her beehive to drive away in.

Amy turned herself into authorities yesterday after learning she was wanted on allegations that she physically attacked two men outside of a pub in Camden on Wednesday evening. The men claim she punched one of them and headbutted the other. Amy throws down!

Winehouse was released with a “caution,” which is a fancy British way of saying “warning.” Although she wasn’t charged with a crime, the caution will stay on her record and can be used against her if she’s ever busted for a physical altercation again. So, on Monday. Or today. Tuesday at the latest.


More photos of Amy Winehouse reporting to the police station are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Pat

    This Thing is about the ugliest person i have ever seen!!! Where did she come from ???

  2. Starla

    ^^I know!!! WTF is with people & their bullshit, “she is so beautiful, please, Ammmmyyyyy get yourself together” crap??? And yeah, I’ve heard her warbling. This thing has won awards for that??

  3. fjo

    Who cares! I just saw her profile at “B l a c k W h i t e M i n g l e . c o m”, — where you can met many real cute babes and single black and white men online

  4. Crux the Magic Dragon

    Will Winehouse learn from this? Will she count her lucky stars and blessings either from Satan or Casper the Friendly Ghost?

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