Amy Winehouse Free To Terrorize The Land Once More

Amy Winehouse, in a British jail since yesterday on suspicion of assault, has been freed. She probably pulled bail out of her beehive. Hell, she probably pulled a car out of her beehive to drive away in.

Amy turned herself into authorities yesterday after learning she was wanted on allegations that she physically attacked two men outside of a pub in Camden on Wednesday evening. The men claim she punched one of them and headbutted the other. Amy throws down!

Winehouse was released with a “caution,” which is a fancy British way of saying “warning.” Although she wasn’t charged with a crime, the caution will stay on her record and can be used against her if she’s ever busted for a physical altercation again. So, on Monday. Or today. Tuesday at the latest.


More photos of Amy Winehouse reporting to the police station are after the jump.