Amy Winehouse Doesn’t Have Emphysema…Yet

According to reps for the 24-year-old walking health hazard, Amy Winehouse has not been diagnosed with emphysema as her father indicated
a few days ago. Chris Goodman said of his client, Amy, that she suffers
from “”scarring of the lungs which could lead to emphysema.”

if she engages in activities like SMOKING DIRECTLY AFTER LEAVING THE
HOSPITAL like, I don’t know, she’s DOING RIGHT HERE, then she puts
herself at risk for developing the disease.

These pictures were taken on a field trip from the hospital for Amy to shop for ballet flats and attend rehearsal for her upcoming performance for Nelson Mandela.
You know the organizers for that event have to be biting their nails,
just hoping and praying that Amy keeps it together for the concert.

seriously hope she doesn’t accidentally catch herself on fire on stage
(and you know she’s probably come close to it before) because if she
does, everybody’s going to be high as all hell. Hmm, maybe she can sing
this classic little tune.

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