Amy Winehouse Does the Inevitable

Girlfriend has gone and checked herself into the hospital for “exhaustion.” Now, I don’t really care if she does it under the guise of having an appendectomy or a boob job, as long as she gets herself treatment for what we all happen to know is going on under that beehive of hers. TMZ is reporting that the troubled songstress was taken to a London hospital to receive treatment for being exhausted and that a spokesperson for Winehouse blames her world-wide concert tour as the reason for Amy’s current state of health. She’s been ordered to observe “complete rest,” which means a cancellation of any upcoming shows. If I weren’t completely broke at the moment, I’d totally have a muffin basket sent to Amy. Partially because I care about her, but partially because I have a sneaking suspicion it would mean more pictures of her coming to her door in a goofy bra and shorts ensemble.