Amy Winehouse Destroys The Integrity Of Her Hit Song

Amy Winehouse isn’t sticking to her guns. As we reported, Amy collapsed and they claimed it was due to “exhaustion”. And for those of you who’ve lived in a bomb shelter for the past 100 years, “exhaustion” is overworked spokesperson speak for “drug overdose”. Instead of living the stubborn destructive spiral detailed in her hit single “Rehab”, she’s wussed out and checked in. Way to choose life over messy death, Amy. *rolls eyes* What a loser.

She is seeking help at The Priory in Roehampton after her shocking drink and drugs lifestyle finally took its toll. Amy is understood to be in a private wing of the hospital today, surrounded by her family and friends. Sources say Amy took a dangerous cocktail of drugs and alcohol over a three day period. But friends pleaded with her after the suspected overdose this week, saying, “you will die if you don’t get help”.

A friend claims: “She looked like a zombie — white as a sheet and trembling. And I’ll never forget her eyes. They were dead, like a shark. Even Amy says she will be dead within one year.”

Amy’s rep had no comment since his “exhaustion” lie was exposed. Amy collapsed in the reception area of London’s University College Hospital early Wednesday morning. Seriously, that song is dead to me now. What a gyp. It’s like when Madonna always bitched about how people who shopped at the Gap were lame and then she did an ad for them. God, there’s no role models anymore.

More photos of a pre-rehab Amy Winehouse are after the jump.