Amy Winehouse Creepily Commissions Painting Of Her And Ex

Amy Winehouse must be on some kind of drug that’s still making her loopy, because she seems to still think she’s going out with her ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil. She had two paintings commissioned last month depicting them together…even though she has a new boyfriend!

‘She ordered them a month ago,’ the artist Sam Shaker said. ‘However, I don’t know whether she is going to pay me.” Oh lord, who knows if this poor guy will ever get paid…

Amy’s family is heartbroken that she can’t seem to get over bad-news Blake instead of concentrating on new beau Reg Traviss, a film director who keeps her sane (or as sane as she can be…). They were pictured together June 15 at Jazz After Dark in Soho, where Amy looked downright classy by her standards. It really looked like the struggling singer was getting back on track, but I guess you can take the girl out of the destructive relationship, but you can’t take the destructiveness out of the girl!