Amy Winehouse In The Spotlight

Damn, she looks like Minnie Mouse’s crackhead cousin. On the track outside of Cinderella’s palace. Amy Winehouse was released from custody yesterday after being arrested on possession of Class A drugs. This is all stemming from that tasteful video she appeared in that was discovered last February.

The clip in question came from the memory stick belonging to two drug dealers, Jonny Blagrove and his girlfriend Cara Burton. In the 19 minute clip, Winehouse is filmed smoking crack. Charming! She was originally scheduled to be questioned in June. But the date was moved up and she kept her “appointment” wiith police.

Winehouse celebrated her release by stumbling around the city looking like this at 4 AM, and asking paparazzi which tattoo she should get next. Howabout one that says her next of kin and what she wants done with the body?


More photos of Amy Winehouse hanging out are after the jump.