Amy Winehouse Arrested

Amy Winehouse is paying the price for her wild night out earlier this week, that ended with her head-butting a guy for thinking he wanted a piece. Well, she was dressed in a subtly seductive ensemble that consisted of a black mesh tank-top, bra and cut-off denim shorts–an irresistible combination by any standard. I can’t imagine anyone who would pass up the opportunity to grab onto what looked like the British female version of Andrew Dice Clay.

These pictures were taken of Amy on her way to the police station to be questioned about the incident. Reportedly, Amy and the 38-year-old man in question both approached the same taxi when Winehouse became agitated, suspecting that he wanted to molest her and that’s when she aimed her head at him. I have a feeling that her interrogation consisted of lots of shoulder shrugging and Amy declaring, “You know that I’m no good,” which is probably why the questioning ended with her arrest.

And somehow, Amy’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil has managed to make eyes at other women even though he’s still in jail. At a recent hearing that Amy did not attend, Blake was seen making eyes at a blonde sitting in court. Sophie Schandorff and Fielder-Civil flirted back and forth, with Blake mouthing the words, “You all right babe?” and “I love you.” Sophie was instructed to stop after she continued mouthing back, “I love you, I love you.” I’m hoping that she ends up being the future Mrs. Schandorff-Fielder-Civil because that last name would be be apt punishment for such poor judgment.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN