Amy Winehouse: Sexy, Sassy, Staggering

April 23rd, 2008 // 7 Comments

Good lord in Heaven. Was there a war? Is this medieval times? Bring out yer dead! I feel like she should be serving ale with a big tumor hanging off her face while everyone’s outside dying of the Black Plague. This just isn’t right. Find a garden hose, splash yourself down and go to bed, young lady. Bypass that pipe for once.

Amy Winehouse doesn’t care what you think. The kittenish vamp was recently spotted blowing smoke rings off a big spliff at a local pub. As evidenced by the British police only recently jailing Pete Doherty after a couple of years of open drug abuse and general illegal havoc, the bobbies just don’t give a f*ck. There’s more important things to worry about. Naomi Campbell probably has a bomb strapped to her Galliano bustier over at Heathrow.

Amy’s general appearance was…well, look at the damn pic!

“Dressed in a black mesh vest which revealed her cherry print bra, cut-off jeans and her trademark ballet pumps, the singer’s scrawny body, and pale weathered face appeared to confirm that she is again in the grip of a severe dependence on drugs and alcohol,” the British press noted.

Amy’s night out ended with her trying to punch and head butt a man in the street, buying a tabloid with her on the cover under the headline of “HEADCASE,” and having to break into her own home because she lost her keys. So, your average evening out.


More photos of Amy Winehouse are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Stickler

    What a train wreck!!!! She’s not quite dead yet…Loved the Monty Python reference, J.

  2. creolediva

    gotta luv the brits…this puppy needs a doctor STAT…she needs to say yes, yes, yes to rehab…

  3. slappy

    WHo is that lovely man in the pink shirt escorting her?

    Why that’s Mick Whitnall, guitarist for Pete Doherty’s band Babyshambles.

  4. Sassygirl

    She and that scuzbucket from BabyShambles should purchase burial plots together. Their gonna need em’

  5. green cardigan

    ….well sometimes I go out by myself and look across the water….

  6. Crux the Magic Dragon

    Oh dear, she’s wearing the “Tear of a Clown”, yet again. Everytime time she sees Blake Incarcerated in the pokey, she goes off the deep end. Are psychotropic drugs mixed in the air vents?

  7. Jose

    looks like she got an “F” in rehab.

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