Amy Winehouse To Clear Up Her Skin With Pee

Because this woman needs more gross things on her face. Amy Winehouse is still having some issues with her skin. The official story is impetigo. But it’s no secret that excessive drug use can play havoc with your epidermis. Anyway, Amy’s latest idea for a cure is to add her own urine to a special ointment and smear it on her face.

“Amy’s sick of turning heads for all the wrong reasons when she’s out. She has tried all sorts of lotions and potions but none works. She is desperately unhappy with her appearance and she is happy to try anything that may clear up her condition. She is praying the urine ointment will work,” says a friend.

Forget adding it to ointment. She should just find a way to pee on herself, and sell the tape. Some people are very into the water sports, and I don’t mean surfing. There’s something else she might try to clear up her “impetigo”. It’s called “rehab”. I think a shower might help, too.


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