Amy Winehouse To Clear Up Her Skin With Pee

March 24th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Because this woman needs more gross things on her face. Amy Winehouse is still having some issues with her skin. The official story is impetigo. But it’s no secret that excessive drug use can play havoc with your epidermis. Anyway, Amy’s latest idea for a cure is to add her own urine to a special ointment and smear it on her face.

“Amy’s sick of turning heads for all the wrong reasons when she’s out. She has tried all sorts of lotions and potions but none works. She is desperately unhappy with her appearance and she is happy to try anything that may clear up her condition. She is praying the urine ointment will work,” says a friend.

Forget adding it to ointment. She should just find a way to pee on herself, and sell the tape. Some people are very into the water sports, and I don’t mean surfing. There’s something else she might try to clear up her “impetigo”. It’s called “rehab”. I think a shower might help, too.


More photos of Amy Winehouse leaving her London home are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Michelle

    Perhaps Jamie Spears is available to help Amy Winehouse too… Heaven only knows she needs it.

  2. kitler

    yes…not smoking crack will clear up your “impetigo” too. as will using a sponge when you apply your makeup trying to cover your crack sores.
    please, someone get this woman to rehab RIGHT NOW!

  3. Christopher KittiCat

    It’s more games that Amy Winehouse and her PR people are playing. She is a drug addict, her skin condition is caused by said addiction!

    I wish the press could stop with the lies and nonsensical stories about slapping pee onto the mug. I wish someone could slap Winehouse with those gorgeous pics of hers, during the “Frank” period. She now looks like one of those haggard drug-addicted hookers, not a Grammy-winning star.

  4. joni

    ..winehouse is made up of flesh and
    blood like all of us. Conditions
    like this do not play favors for
    Grammy-multi-mill-mega-stars like
    Winehouse…again, she is made
    of flesh and blood, it is just
    unfortunate that her charisma and
    charm and talent and gorgeousness have
    perpetuated such micro in the flesh and
    blood of Amy Winehouse….she’s human
    for g-dsakes…

  5. Jose

    She disgusts me!

  6. MARIA


  7. Christopher KittiCat

    Well, she’s not a quitter, I’ll give her that, Maria.

  8. She has Morgellons by the look of it. Are her doctors that dumb or are they just trying to cover up?

  9. kalaki

    it was morgellons. it tortured and killed her. the drug and alcohol use was just a way for her to try to escape the horror for a while. poor baby. she held up like a champ thru it.

    • Empathetic

      I just found out about the possible Amy/Morgellons connection today while looking further into Morgellons.

      After 3 doctors each offered a different diagnosis with zero scope use I got a scope and took a look for myself.

      Surprise, surprise.

      I went an alcohol route route for a bit trying to get some sleep.
      I can easily see how someone with the Thing could/would look to drugs/alcohol to get some sort of relief, some sleep.

      In the long run those things don’t help a whole lot and do damage on their own.

      Morgellons is a New Reality for those who exhibit blatant manifestations and are dragged kicking and screaming into territory previously uncharted.

      The microscope does not lie.
      Enough people are lying about the Thing. Some of that is Denial.

      Morgellons. It’s here, like it or not.
      And it’s nasty.
      Damned uncomfortable to worse, depending on individual experience.

  10. Joan

    I often wondered if Amy had Morgellons, I’ve had it for nearly 25 yrs, it makes you wish you were Dead! Well she’s free of it now. I’ve never used a drug in my life, I wouldn’t know how to, I’m nearly 78 & they weren’t around in my day. Just pray that you never catch it..

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