Amy Winehouse Makes Me Feel Better About My Acne

March 18th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Amy Winehouse is looking like hell on heels. Here she is running around with a face scarred by impetigo and arms scarred by self-hatred, boredom or drug delusions.

Amy seemed to be coming back when she won five Grammys recently, and performed via satellite from London. She looked a little more lucid than usual. That didn’t take, and she’s still wandering around, buying magazines and cutting up on herself like she’s trying to make skin snowflakes.

Deliverymen were spotted delivering a tanning bed to her drug den. This might benefit her skin infection, but it’s still hard to look healthy when you’re lying on a tanning bed with a needle in your arm. Or laying back, toking on a glass pipe. Those aren’t on the posters down at the Tan-A-Rama.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    holy mother of god

  2. southy

    Geez. Talk about an anti-drug message. All you’d have to do is look at that picture and it would scare you from doing anything to do with any substances at all.

  3. Loob

    That Sharpie marker is not going to wash off.

  4. Veronica


  5. lat

    yup, makes me want to be a junkie too. gotta love picking at the skin until it bleeds and gets all infected. blech!

  6. lat

    yup, makes me want to be a junkie too. gotta love picking at the skin until it bleeds and gets all infected. blech!

  7. alice

    i don’t even know why she is famous.

  8. lula

    omg she’s so disgusting. I want to puke everytime I look at her. apparently it doesn’t take much to make a loser famous this day & age.

  9. mojoman

    Ringworm anyone? somebody please call a Vet!!

  10. Pooola

    why is it always when I’m eating a sandwich that I see a picture of her……..

  11. Janine

    Think about this: she’s actually got a lot of makeup on, so imagine how much worse it looks without the makeup. Why is she even going out in public? She needs daddy spears or maybe her own dad to step in and clean her life up.

  12. Fave

    OMG!! She looks disgusting. That’s just vile and I feel for you trying to eat and seeing a pic of Amy (ewwww). None of us are being rude or mean about this because she has done all of this to herself. Her teeth are really nasty and her skin (she looks like a shedding leper or something) just gets worse. She shouldn’t even be wearing that makeup and clogging up her pores and her drug induced sores. I really do believe she tried to put a cigarette out on her cheek a few weeks ago. I mean look at that mark. She’s just disfiguring herself one miserable hour at a time.

  13. kair

    And I thought Britney was in horrible shape. Jesus. Screw rehab, check into the looney bin. Honestly.

  14. Vicki

    Shes on the faces of crystal meth!
    thats not impetaigo scars, trust me ive had it before
    it leaves a pinky mark but its flat its not scabby etc
    i rekn shes a meth head!

  15. Strangdog

    I don’t know why Amy Winehouse and her PR group, won’t admit it, those scars are from her f’d up immune system. IOW, her ‘lifestyle’ has finally caught up with her.

    Man, after looking at that photo, my hygiene and vitamin regimen has increased tenfold! BTW, those cuts on her arms? I’ll bet you Blake Incarcerated is making her self-harm to placate his sick butt.

    Thank you, Amy Winehouse for making me take my vitamins and eat my veggies!

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