Amy Winehouse Makes Me Feel Better About My Acne

Amy Winehouse is looking like hell on heels. Here she is running around with a face scarred by impetigo and arms scarred by self-hatred, boredom or drug delusions.

Amy seemed to be coming back when she won five Grammys recently, and performed via satellite from London. She looked a little more lucid than usual. That didn’t take, and she’s still wandering around, buying magazines and cutting up on herself like she’s trying to make skin snowflakes.

Deliverymen were spotted delivering a tanning bed to her drug den. This might benefit her skin infection, but it’s still hard to look healthy when you’re lying on a tanning bed with a needle in your arm. Or laying back, toking on a glass pipe. Those aren’t on the posters down at the Tan-A-Rama.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN