Amy Winehouse Goes Dark, Doesn’t Check into Rehab

Amy Winehouse has dyed her hair back to her darker roots and all dressed-up like this, almost belies the problems that currently surround her. Alas, it will take more than a dye job and a snazzy outfit to help straighten this woman out. The release of the video of a blonde Amy Winehouse smoking crack has prompted the singer to make a visit to a rehab clinic, where she spent approximately two hours at the London Nightingale Hospital, but did opt to check herself in to a rehabilitation program.

Sources close to the singer have told the Daily Mail that they believe Amy was set-up during the incident during which she was filmed and which was subsequently leaked to the press, saying: “She is a recovering addict and if someone waves temptation in her face, she is not yet strong enough to say no.”

Amy spent most of yesterday at her home, with her father, Mitch, in her home. When the two did venture out, they took a limousine, through the windows of which a letter was in Amy’s hands. In large print, the words were easily visible and appeared to be from Amy’s incarcerated husband, Blake, stating: “We will get through this and our kiss will taste all the sweeter for time served, Mr Civil.”

Meanwhile, Amy’s facing possible repercussions from the police over the video, which is now being taken a look at by the authorities in London. Although an official investigation has not be launched, a rep did say, “Officers will be reviewing the footage and will then assess the footage and ascertain whether any action is to be taken.” If their treatment of Kate Moss is any indication, I’m sure Amy’s got nothing to worry about.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online