Amy Winehouse Makes It Look Like Blondes Have More Problems

Yikes, Amy’s rocking her fried blonde do to the courthouse with her mother-in-law helping her to walk. Georgette Civil, the mother of Amy’s husband, Blake, accompanied the singer while the two of them attended Blake’s trial. In case you can’t remember why he’s there, this should jog your memory. And while we’re here, I couldn’t help noticing that Georgette’s hair is equally crazy, so maybe Blake just drives a woman to bad hair.

Even though it would probably be for the best, it looks like Amy’s got no intention of divorcing her hubby, as she blew kisses to him across the courtroom, mouthing “love you” to him. Blake also answered her by mouthing, “Are you OK?” to which Amy nodded a yes. Oh Blake, she’s SO lying. When Amy left with Georgette, her mother-in-law had her arm around her waist to keep waifish Amy from toppling over. Also, what is that crap on the back of her skirt? A woman who keeps wearing clothes that look like they have little blood marks on them is NOT OK.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online