Amy Poehler Talks ‘Parks And Recreation’ With GQ

With a new TV show set to premiere on NBC, former Saturday Night Live cast member Amy Poehler chatted with GQ to promote her latest project Parks and Recreation.

Even though the show is being run by the producers of The Office, Amy explains that it’s not really a spin-off per se. “Our world seems a lot bigger to me than theirs, actually. But that could just be because I’m shorter than [Steve] Carell,” the pocket-sized comedian joked.

The men’s magazine also put Poehler on the spot for calling the Secretary of State a “flurge.” In response, Amy laughed and said, “I love how many people were like that… is… INSULTING. We just made that word up!” Oh Amy, you’re so doodalicious.

Gallery Info: Amy Poehler poses for GQ; on the set of Parks and Recreation.