Amy, Honey, Let’s Hug It Out

March 28th, 2007 // 21 Comments

Amy Winehouse, the British singer with the smoky voice and Cleopatra eyes (Is it that obvious that I’m smitten?) has talked openly about her “morbid curiosity,” which has in the past, led to her experimenting with inflicting pain upon herself, just to see what it felt like.

She says, “It’s a funny thing, a morbid curiosity. I’m talking about when I was nine. What does that feel like? ‘Ow, that f**king hurt.’ “It’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

Winehouse also admitted to British magazine Q, that she has inflicted physical harm upon her person in the past, as a result of depression.

She adds, “Not punching myself in the face, but slapping. “I drank a whole bottle of champagne and then just got depressed. I didn’t feel like I looked good. And I’m quite self-destructive when I’m drunk.”

Girl, I’m on your MySpace. Granted, I’m not in your top eight (but who keeps track of that stuff, really *nervous laughter*), but still, you can message when you’re feeling down and maybe we could go out for a grilled cheese and ice cream. I have yet to find a situation which couldn’t be remedied by either one of those items–unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case you might just be SOL.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. ChooseY

    I’m sure that this girl is very talented but she looks seriously unwashed…….she probably smells like Pete Doperty

  2. Cheryl

    God, I love her so much. Part of me wants to protect her from this big, bad world that causes her so much pain, and part of me knows that all that pain is what makes her music so good and doesn’t want that to stop. The second part of me is a wee bit more selfish.

  3. amle

    The word skanky comes to mind. I think she needs to hook up with Angelina. They can compare tatts and cut marks. Maybe even share their heroin.

  4. savokia

    Lisa you are to twisted for words. I love you! Is it me? or does Amy and her date are in need of a good freebreezing? LOL!

  5. savokia

    Lisa you are to twisted for words. I love you! Is it me? or does Amy and her date need a good freebreezing? LOL!

  6. kiki

    I too am on her myspace…… She is just amazing! An i agree with Cheryl – its sad cause she does seem extremely self destructive! But thats is exactly why her music great.. I mean i fell in love her the moment she said “What kind of fuckery is?” Fuckery – awesome!

  7. NoraJo

    I love her new CD, It has a very cool funky vibe. Not sure what’s going on in that head of hers, but her music is fantastic.

  8. Cheryl

    And I’m now listening to her album. Just for kiki I’ll skip ahead to Me and Mr. Jones. (Another personal favorite is Amy, Amy, Amy from her first album.)

    So glad I brought my cds in to work today. :)

  9. RLF

    Humm.. im going to go out on a limb and say.. SHE digs the SMAK, H, BROWN SUGAR.. look at those eyes. JUNKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. GiGi

    This girl is trashy. She looks like a drugged out truck stop whore.

  11. Jayde

    Maybe that’s what happened to her face. She sounds like shit & looks like a dirtbag.

  12. NoNoNo

    She is awesome!!!! I just bought Back to Black last Friday, and probably have listened to it 10 times. I higly recommend it. Grrrrreat!!!!!!!!

  13. 6-9

    My sister does promotions for singing groups and Solo artist. She says this chick is really going to the top. Apparently she is the talk of the town. I’ve only heard a few of her songs, but I really loved them.

  14. kiki

    Her new album Back to Black was the highest selling album to ever debut in the US by a British femaile artist… EVER… so all of you can say she sings and look like shit – but that is a big accomplish for a young girl… Also that means we arent all haters like like those above….

  15. Dabruin2

    She may look “skanky” but she’s the best singer coming out of the UK in a long time.

  16. mishy

    Are those abscesses on her hand? Looks pretty scary. I saw a pic of her from a year ago and she has seriously lost some weight since then…She’s smokin hot talent-wise, but I’m wondering if she’s going to be with us much longer.

  17. masterbate

    She is so fucking gross. No one cares you attention seeking slut. Go up there and sing..THese people are sooo annoying.. She is so fug to look at..cuz dumb people like perez who chase celebrities,, oh be my friend be my friend., i’ll put you on my blog…whatever. she reminds me of pete doherty or whatever that scum is

  18. Valley Ho

    “GiGi said:
    This girl is trashy. She looks like a drugged out truck stop whore.”

    As a self respecting truckstop whore, I take offense with your ignorant comment. Do you know what us truckstop whore’s do? Are you aware how you’re refridgerator depends on our services? Without us, no product gets delivered. Get that, you stupid cunt? My twat has kept Whole Foods humming for 7 months. What have you done for humanity, you smug little judgemental twat.

  19. NoraJo

    Vally Ho, Taken from the words of David Cassidy, “I Think I Love You” Bravo

  20. Bosie

    finally she made it to the USA, i have been listening to her since 2003 since her Frank album came out…i bought the import of course, same with Back to black..import are way too expensive…She is awesome. anyone who knows alittle bit of jazz or good music will know how good she is .

  21. ian hardrive

    She looks like she really smells of fishy cheesey womens winkle.

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