Amy Boozehound Leaves Rehab

This poor girl. You write a song about not going to Rehab, then you end up going to Rehab and all these snarky bloggers have to make their little “jokes.” Well I say No, No, No! What kind of world do we live in where a girl can’t admit to drinking bottles of wine alone and then hitting herself without getting made fun of. It’s sick. Anyway, back to the story:

The troubled singer walked out of The Causeway clinic in Essex again on Sunday night.

Amy and Blake had promised family and friends they would spend a few weeks there as they battled their drug problems.

But after a string of screaming matches with each other — ruining the harmony of the £10,000-a-week retreat — they left. Together, they got a taxi to an exclusive hotel in central London where they spent the night.

Genius plan kids. “Oh, I’ll only go to Rehab if my crazy drug enabling crack head boyfriend can go with me.” This is pretty much the definition of setting yourself up for failure. “Shit the drugs are wearing-off, and it turns out we don’t really love each other, we actually can’t stand each other but we still both love drugs. Quick let’s leave this place and do more drugs so we think we love each other again!”

I read Anthony Keidis’s “Scar Tissue” so I think I’m a drug expert now.