Amy Winehouse’s Husband Got A Bad Dose In The Pen

February 18th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Ugh, prison is skanky. Crackbird Amy Winehouse’s beloved husband Blake Fielder-Civil was rushed to the prison hospital when he keeled over after using heroin mixed with a toxic substance. You need to make sure your drug dealer is trustworthy, kid! Especially in the joint! Guards found Blake vomiting and writhing in agony in his cell. For real, it’s probably not that easy to get the good shit in prison, so your dealer’s going to have to mix it with something. And he’s not going to care if it’s baby powder, granulated sugar or Clorox. Despite his claims that he’s kept off the drugs in prison, Blake was already disciplined by prison authorities for failing three random drug scans before this incident. That’ll teach him! Seriously, though, I’ve seen “OZ”. Prison is a terrifying place. I’d be snorting up everything I could to so that I could take my mind off being trapped in Hades. No word on Winehouse’s reaction. I’m sure she’s throwing herself off the prison walls trying to batter her way in or running around trying to get some proper heroin for Blake to snort. Now that’s love.


More photos of Amy Winehouse are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Muffin Top

    Dump his ass Amy! Scoring heroin in prison? Not a good sign for Blake’s future.

  2. mico

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  3. shadygoddess13

    What is it about crackies that they have to wear lame fedoras and little ties? That other Babyshambles loser was the same way? Next you’ll catch Lo-Hohan wearing a fedora next! LOL!

  4. shadygoddess13

    Also, I find it appropriate that they are photographed standing in an alley.

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