Amy Adams About To Pop, Talks Wedding

March 12th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Amy Adams waited six years for her boyfriend to propose and her patience bodes well for her new adventure as a mom. The Julie & Julia actress is set to give birth as she enjoys her last days of pregnancy with a bit of caffeine. She will probably need a lot of that in her future.

She looks adorable in a plaid dress, leather sandals, and square sunglasses. The expecting mom is glowing and happy as she chats with her friend during a shopping trip on Robertson Boulevard, even smiling as the paparazzi get up close. She’s probably hungry for some post-baby-bump clothes. She might also be shopping for some wedding needs.

“The irony is, now that I’m pregnant, I have time to plan a wedding,” Adams says. “I’m going to take some time off.” And what kind of wedding can we expect?

“I thought I was just going to run away and elope until recently I tried a dress on… then suddenly the scene changes and you see the whole day and it’s gone from being a small park wedding to being a huge cathedral wedding.” Can’t wait for those pics!

By Madison Ventura

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