Amy Winehouse Is A Drunk Mess Onstage [VIDEO]

Amy Winehouse was a hot mess onstage in Belgrade this weekend, pissing off 20,000 fans who paid to hear “Back to Black” and not incoherent babbling.  There are some performers who claim that being under the influence promotes creativity, but this is not the case with Winehouse.  It’s a wonder she was able to stay on her feet for as long as she did.  At one point, she threw her own microphone down and seemed to be demanding that her backup singer give up his.

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Winehouse checked out of The Priory rehab center in London a few weeks ago, and followed that up with a bender, according to The Sun.  This particular trip to rehab apparently didn’t stick, and Winehouse’s management team is doing everything they can keep Winehouse sober during her European tour.  They’ve made sure the singer’s hotel rooms are clear of alcohol before she checks in, and room service has been instructed not to send up any booze.