Amy Poehler Talks Boston Bombings In Amazing ‘Smart Girls’ Video

Amy Sans Ring
Amy Poehler steps out sans wedding ring.
In the latest in her series of Smart Girls video, Amy Poehler (who I’d like to run for President) addresses the Boston Marathon bombings in a sensitive, emotional and thoughtful way.

In the video, Amy answered a question from a 16-year-old, identified as Millie, about how she can avoid watching the negative videos and images that everyone is absorbing on the Internet and instead spread something more positive, Poehler admitted that she’d been wondering the same thing.

“Doesn’t it just feel like we’re just bombarded with stuff now? Everywhere we go there’s just some picture that’s worse than the one before,” she says. The Parks and Recreation star suggests that those who make a habit of surrounding themselves with the onslaught of negative news “soften our hearts and minds and eyes and give our eyes a break and try to see things in a different way.” 

“It’s okay not to be looking at what everyone else is looking at all the time … and be okay with letting some things rest in peace.”

Poehler, who was was raised in Newton, located a few miles outside Boston, and graduated from Boston College, concluded the video with this touching thought:

“I don’t know if this makes any sense, but this has been a weird week, hasn’t it? So thanks Millie, and I love you, Boston. See you soon.”

That you Amy for being such an awesome human being.