Amy Poehler & Nick Kroll Officially Debut As A Couple As She & Adam Scott Brilliantly Recreate ‘Hart To Hart’

June 7th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Before we get to the Greatest Event in Television History, let’s discuss Amy Poehler‘s new boyfriend.

Rumors were swirling not too long ago that Amy has rebounded with comedian Nick Kroll. Most of us thought that was impossible, because who divorces Will Arnett to date Nick Kroll. Sadly, last night (June 6) Amy and Nick made their official couple debut at the 41st AFI Life Time Achievement Awards for Mel Brooks.

At least Amy looked awesome. Some day I’ll get over the fact that she and Will split up, but this is not that day. Maybe it’ll be the day when I see Amy and Tina Fey beating up Sacha Baron Cohen on the big screen. And now back to the Greatest Event in Television History. 

Last night saw the premiere of the amazing video you’ll find below: Amy and her Parks & Recreation co-star Adam Scott doing a shot-for-shot remake of Hart To Hart. Guys! It’s amazing!!! Plus, there’s a whole intro bit with Amy and Adam playing unlikable versions of themselves.

Guys, I love Amy. Looks like I’m even gonna have to forgive her for dating Nick. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the new couples, and make sure to watching the Greatest Event in Television History below. Oh! And watch the original below that to see just how well they did.

By Sabba Rahbar

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