Amy Childs Promotes Jewelry In A Bra And Panties, Looks Like A Mermaid [PHOTOS]

All this bath tub needs is some gin, hmm?

Amy Childs pushed the girls up and waltzed into a photocall at the Millenium Hotel in London today (October 24th) for the launch of her Amy Childs for Mikey London jewelry collection.

You’ll forgive us for thinking this is an ad for “Save The Mermaids” rather than what everyone gathered for, as Childs posed in a white satin bra and panty set.

Wait, I see some jewelry in the tub.  Is that the imperial crown clasped on the bra?

“Mikey’s expensive in a super-tacky way,” a reliable British source tells me.  I told said source that I would trade Diags for Childs and her cousin, Harry Derbridge to come back on The Only Way Is Essex.  Said source agreed, albeit reluctantly.

She’s as flashy as the day is long, but I love Childs.

Come back to TOWIE, love.  Nanny Pat will make you a nice cup of team and sausage plait.

I hate the word “panties.” I can’t believe I just put that in the title.

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