AmFar Cinema Against AIDS Attracts Ladies In Dresses

May 21st, 2009 // 5 Comments

It was a glamor-fest at the amFar Cinema Against AIDS event. We showed you Robert Pattinson arriving earlier, dressed up in a tux and here are a bunch of ladies in their Cannes Film Festival finery. The lovely Diane Kruger and handsome Joshua Jackson were by far the most gorgeous couple in attendance.

Dita Von Teese, in true burlesque fashion, showed off the silhouette of her shapely legs under her A-line shaped dress. Paris Hilton was super-shiny in her long gown and tiara. Good ol’ Victoria Silverstedt was delightful in a crazy black dress swathed around her thin, orange body. She had the boobies strapped down tonight, seeing as how it was a respectable event.

Elizabeth Hurley was a vision her angelic periwinkle floor-length gown while Sharon Stone was looking quite elegant in her asymmetrical black dress that showed off an impressive slice of leg.

Gallery Info: 50 Cent, Sharon Stone, Victoria Silvstedt, Hayden Panettiere, Elizabeth Hurley, Georgina Champamn, Robert Pattinson, Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Stefano Gabbana, Eva Herzigova, Domenico Dolce, Dita Von Teese, Melanie Laurent, Zhang Zilyi, Claudia Schiffer, Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt, Peaches Geldof, Josh Hartnett, Elsa Pataky, Robin Wright Penn, Eli Roth, Annie Lennox, Kenneth Cole, Verne Troyer, Denise Rich, Donnatella Versace, Thomas Kretschmann, Lily Cole, Eva Green, Emile Hirsch, Brianna Domont, Zoe Saldana, Marion Cotillard, Kerry Washington, Mike Myers and Danny Glover at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS event at the Cannes Film Festival.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. shardy

    um…WTF is “Fiddy Cent” doing at this event?

  2. suzanne

    OK, so I’m fed up of seeing Dita everywhere. Why exactly is she still famous?
    Please DESIST on any Paris Hilton photos/news … she’s SOOOOOO horrible. Not an interesting subject at all!
    Is Liz Hurley pregnant – her knockers seem particularly massive at the moment.
    Eva Green – still cultivating her own unique weirdness – quite a surprise for a French girl.
    What IS the fascination with Robert Patt?? He’s ugly, ugly, ugly.
    Josh Hartnett – still looking like a piece of wood.
    What on EARTH is Claudia Schiffer wearing?
    Victoria Silver-Swede is utterly pointless – and starting to look old. What is it SHE’S famous for, aswell?
    Why am I always fixated on Eva Herzi’s teeth? She’s not attractive.
    Why is the Geldof girl getting in on the action?
    To: Paris’s boyfriend Doug whats-his-name: your tux doesn’t fit.
    Who is that hideous woman in black on page 16? Too much hair and why has she covered her face in brown sauce? (and doesn’t she know the rule about over-accessorising – esp with THAT hair).
    Sharon Stone looks fab – although I bet she’s regretting all those years baking herself in the sun.

  3. Glogxmny

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