America’s Next Top Model Returns

The show that has launched the “careers” of seven faces and littered the red carpets of Hollywood with about a million (I counted) rejects is getting ANTM fans ready for Cycle 8. Resident supermodel/talk show host/wig holder, Tyra Banks is helping to build up the hype for the next group of girls trying to sell their souls strut their stuff on the catwalk for a chance at a vague yet promising deal with some cosmetics company along with some magazine cover shoot to be announced at a later date.

“I always try to go for different looks,” Tyra says. “I try not to make girls look like girls from the previous season. We have some really high fashion-looking girls this year.”

In case you didn’t know, high fashion=very skinny. Anyhow, if the J’s can’t temp you, perhaps the promise of some poor girl getting all her hair cut off and dissolving in tears on the phone with her mom, while another one decides whether or not her boyfriend back in her small hometown is going to be able to cope with her new life as a model will do it for you.

Cycle 8 of “America’s Next Top Model” premieres Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 8 p.m. on The CW with a two-hour special.