‘American Idol’s’ Anwar Robinson Outed

March 30th, 2005 // 6 Comments

It wasn’t as if we hadn’t guessed this already. However, I just don’t get the fact that AfterElton.com (a “gay site”) would want to out someone. While yes, Anwar could have removed the listing from BlackPlanet.com, I thinks that’s beside the point. But as Andy said, maybe he just doesn’t care.

Anwar is my favorite this season. He’s got the voice. Hopefully, he was prepared for this. If not I’m sure he could ask the advice of a fe former American Idol contestants. Reality contestants beware, unless you’re an actual Hollywood star, it’s damn near impossible to not have the past catch up with you.

Personal Ad Addresses Issue of Anwar Robinson’s Sexual Orientation [AfterElton.com]
American Idol Contestant Outed [towleroad]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. HollabackBoy

    Duh. I went to High School with Anwar and I was shocked to find all of the confused fans on the American Idol website. I guess because I already knew, I figured all of his fans were aware and the world was becoming a better place. Disillusionment is a wacky/blinding thing. I didn’t know him well because he was a senior when I was a freshman but he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to hide anything about his sexuality…and I think if you can be that open in High School at 17, the world is a piece of cake…but I’m voting for Vonzell or Bo! HOLLA!

  2. Jennifer

    I feel an AMerican Idol should be the upmost citizen. With no criminal record, no online or off line nudity pics etc. Young children take this show serious and so many teens are confused about what is ok and what is not. This world has become a free for all. Instead of stanidng up for what is right they tell us to welcome anything with open arms so we dont “offend” anyone. Well, we wonder why our teens turn on us and why the world has gone to crap. I hope there are still a few people left with soem morals that they can stand by and live by to shine a light in the time of darkness.

  3. Dean

    And what are you saying? Anwar being homosexual is morally wrong in some way? That unruly teenagers and the state of the world are because a small percentage of society accepts gay/lesbian people? That’s ludicrous. Anwar’s a music teacher, a young man with a good job who is making something of himself on American Idol.. he’s not my favorite but I won’t deny he is a good role model for kids. Then you have Scott, who was arrested for beating a woman. He’s heterosexual (at least one would assume) so does that mean he’s a better role model for young people than Anwar? I’ll never understand how someone who is comfortable in their heterosexuality feels threatened by a homosexual. Never.

  4. Anwar is awesome, no matter what… who really cares who he likes?!

    http://www.dreamprophesy.com/anwar – ANWAR Online

  5. Aimee Hegedus

    I think that American Idol is degrating for people that actually have the guts to go out there and sing there hearts out. So many people have talent in their eyes and they might not be good but you judges don’t have to laugh at them. If you people would just forget about how hard it is and not everything comes easy to you maybe you will see that horrible lok on their faces. I think that Simon is a pathetic, fat old Eniglish asshole that needs to be worerrying about his own llks then other people’s talent. Paula isn’t that bad but she still needs to understand how it felt to get rejected but she never got rejected that muc h and that cruel. Randy needs to worry more about his own weight then the contestants. Willam Hung or whatever his name is tried so hard and yes he might have succeeded but how they can be so mean they shouldn’t even be here. Thank you for your time and please write back. I just had to tell you my opinion and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

  6. susan

    Get the stick out of your butt..and deal with the real world.
    Probably many people you know are gay..and
    DEFINATELY the more good kind loving gay people then uptight, conservative judgemental types like you

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