‘American Idol’ Wants Clay Aiken Away From Adam Lambert

May 13th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Clay Aiken headed over to American Idol to try and connect with contestant Adam Lambert, but it was clear that the former runner-up was less-than-welcome backstage.

The rift between Idol and Aiken stems from his dumping of 19 Entertainment, the management company that takes care of all activities related to record deals, tours, etc.

“To say the least, it was tense around here when Clay showed up–and boy, did they hustle him off the premises as fast as possible,” a staffer revealed. In addition, Aiken is credited with encouraging Kelly Clarkson to ditch 19 Management as well.

Well, at least Clay wasn’t hurling his body at Adam, which isn’t entirely unheard of these days.

Gallery Info: Clay Aiken and his boyfriend take a walk in Los Angeles.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Gia

    What a crock! The real story is that Clay brought his son to meet the
    staff there. Maybe they didn’t want Clay talking to Adam so that Adam wouldn’t get any ideas about breaking his 19 E Contract. So many untrue stories coming out of this visit. Get your facts straight. Who says the guy walking down the street with Clay is his boyfriend?Can’t a person walk down the street anymore without causing an uproar?

  2. Nicky

    Gia, this is a gossip website. If you want fact then go to a credible publication.

  3. brandy

    I can imagine that AI would want to keep Clay away from their chosen one. Clay knows the entire scope of their controlling and manipulating ways. However, I doubt very much Clay would want anything to do with Adam, personally, or professionally. The guys a flamboyant piece of fluff and he can’t really sing anything without screeching. Reminds me of a terrodactyl.

  4. Boo

    Doesn’t everyone know by now not to believe ANYTHING printed in the National Enquirer? Only complete idiots would believe the crap they print.

    As for Clay, that is NOT his boyfriend. He already is in a serious relationship with someone else. The person above is said to be a Jenner family member (as in Bruce) and they are friends, and according to inside sources, a distant relative by marriage.

    A while back, Clay started a new thing that has given his Fan Club members the opportunity to ask any questions they want as long as it does not involve his son, and he stated a few weeks back, just as he has before, that he does NOT watch AI and has no idea whoany of the contestants are, so he doesn’t even know who Adam is. So don’t listen to this bunch of bogus crap! When are people ever going to learn?
    “You might be a redneck if you take the word of the NE as gospel”.

  5. Diane

    Boo – Clay Aiken has revealed himself as a very good liar, so who knows?

    P.S. Who cares?

  6. Matt

    Diane- Clay never actually lied: only once to the Rolling Stone Magazine because he was naiive and was put on the spot and WASN’T READY to come out. Every person who is gay needs time to come out on there own. Clay did not even come out to his mom when that magazine article was published. He simply waited until the time was right for him. That does not make him a liar. Infact, he is one of the most sincere celebrities out there. He does not lie about things. He tries his hardest to keep his private life private, but you cannot really get mad at him or blame him for that.

  7. Adonnias

    Clay Aiken DID lie. For years. He is washed up and desperate for publicity and attention. Now he thinks he can get his foot in a door by holding his son. Please!

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