‘American Idol’: The Odds On Who Will Win

April 13th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Well, it’s not looking like Bucky has a chance in hell at winning. As if he really did anyway.

As of today, according to John Avello, director of race & sports operations for Wynn Las Vegas, he has given open odds to win the 2006 season of “Idol” as follows:

#8 Bucky: 35/1
#7 Taylor: 25/1
#6 Kellie: 15/1
#5 Elliott: 12/1
#4 Paris: 10/1
#3 Katharine: 8/1
#2 Ace: 5/1
#1 Chris: 4/1

Who do you think has the best chancing of winning American Idol this season?

John Avello, Director of Race & Sports Operations, Releases His Weekly Odds for the Fox Reality Show [PR Newswire]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cindy

    I think Chris will win, he has a deep sound to him, a helluva rocker voice and has pretty much swept the females of the world off their feet.

    My 2nd guess would go to Kellie, for the country sound. And the fact that darn near every male in the U.S. is pretty much smitten with her.

    Can’t wait to hear them TRY to sing a Stewart song next week LOL

  2. tia

    Well I like Chris and I think he is hott, but I dont think he will get it. Ace has a pretty good chance but I say either Elliot or Paris. If neither one of them win I think one of them will atleast be in the top 3.

  3. Lynn

    Ace should have gone home last night. Bucky should have gone on another week or two. I think Kellie will last for a while, maybe #2. Katharine is beautiful too but doesn’t seem to be as much fun. Chris should win, he deserves it!

  4. steve

    that chick catherine will win. Only Kelly Clarkson has ever sold any albums from all the American Idol alums so they will use that formula to make sure this years winner actually can go platinum.

    Catherine can be marketed much better than anyone else on the show. She has a good voice, good looking, and great body. If she will slut it up even better for album sales, (see Agulera, Spears vs. Simpson in overall album sales)

  5. Sleepy

    Chris is way overrated and unoriginal in his performances. AI just wants a rocker to win.

    Give it to Katherine or Elliot. They’ve got the talent.

  6. XoXoXoXoXoXoXo

    I don’t think that they will allow Chris to win. I heard that Bo actually won but they felt like he could not do his own music if he was stuck under the AI contract. I feel that if this is true, then they would give Chris 2nd place even if he won. I don’t know if it is true but who knows…sounds reasonable to me!

  7. Brian

    Considering Bucky got kicked off last night, aren’t his odds more 1,000,000 to 1?

  8. freddymercury

    none of them are worth 2 cents. after the way they trashed me and my music they should all die. bloody american idols.

  9. libby

    this oddsmaker should check out dialidol.com
    …taylor hicks has been the number one vote getter every week since the top 24 (except on week he was beaten by ?kevin covais?).
    if he stays likeable and expands his range just a little–taylor will win it all.
    i’m a waitress and EVERY table discussing idol talks about TAYLOR only.
    chris has a great voice, but bores the shit outta me. (he has jobs waiting, why should he care to win?)
    looks like “vote for the worst” .com has struck a nerve- because that train-wreck pickler is #2.
    she is horrible beyond belief…and she has no idea that we KNOW she’s faking stupid.
    go taylor.

  10. Tansy

    I think Chris is probably the favorite that this point, but I also think he’s going to run into trouble having to sing a standard next week….how could he rock up “Someone to Watch Over Me”?

    I also agree that Taylor is way too low and Ace is way too high. Ace has been in the bottom three three times already. He’s pretty, but not much of a voice.

    I can’t believe Kellie scores so highly. It’s an ACT people! She competed for Miss North Carolina. She just plays dumb. Ugh.

    I’m hoping for Taylor, but would bet my money on Chris.

  11. Silasdog

    Catherine is the all-around best choice for winner. Great voice, great intonation, can handle several genres, totally beautiful, hot body. She can be marketed to the tune of many, many millions of $$$$$. Chris is stuck in one bag. Taylor should have a great recording future, but he’s sometime hard to watch, Elliot has an excellent voice, but America doesn’t like his teeth. Kelly can also be a marketer’s dream.

  12. Steve C.

    The two most talented, most broadly marketable are Chris and Katharine (though she needs to stop giggling and take things more seriously). It’s theirs to lose as I think they will be the final two unless they deliver a crappy performance somewhere along the way.

    Kellie is marketable to a country audience but isn’t as talented as either Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert, so I don’t see her winning.

    Ace looks the part, but doesn’t deliver.

    The others (in the words of Simon) do great karaoke.

  13. I was so sad that Bucky got booted last night…

    Personally I think Chris and Taylor are the best ones there. No WAY Ace will make it to the final three. Nobody is that stupid. The boy may be hot, but he can’t sing!

    And I adore Elliot, but I don’t think he will make it too much further. Kellie…eh… she’s ok. I think she’s cute and might make a nice friend, but her singing is just “eh”.

    I predict the final three will be Chris, Taylor, and either Paris or Katharine. I don’t like Katherine AT ALL, but it seems that other people do….

    I think Katherine can sing well, but she’s boring. I would NEVER buy her CD. She’s so “Kelly Clarkson”. Who wants ANOTHER Kelly Clarkson? Not me….

  14. JakeG

    Everyone keeps saying Kelly is the only idol to sell cds and be successful, but that is soooo wrong. Kelly is the most popular mainstream, but Carrie is VERY popular in the country world and Fantasia is VERY popular in the black r&b world. they dont sell pop music but in their genre are very loved.

  15. Rachel lee

    I went to a live taping of American Idol and Katherine totally hamms it up for the camera. The minuit that the cameras stop rolling she has her nose up in the air. She is so stuck up and snotty. Evreone else was so nice and smiling and hugging eachother and she just sat there trying not to move so her hair would stay in place. Then they all got on stage and kevin covais was standing in front of her and she pushed him out of the way. Please do not vote for her people she is sooooo fake and full of herself. And her performances are so planned. Like smile here and wink here. I hope that anyone wins but her.

  16. Peke-a-poo

    Final three: Katharine, Taylor, Chris.

    Winner: Taylor

  17. freddiemercury

    thank god i am already dead because hearing bucky slaughter my precious fat bottom girls would have killed me all over again.

  18. Peke-a-poo

    Poor Freddie! He’s been a restless spirit ever since that Idol show aired. If something terrible and inexplicable happens to Ace this week, we’ll know why.

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