‘American Idol’ Star Kris Allen Gets A Hairy Subject Off His Chest

If you’re looking for some gruesome skeletons in Kris Allen’s closet, keep on hunting. Because his nice guy image has remained intact after he graciously accepted his American Idol win, while claiming his competitor was the better man for the job.

In a hard-hitting interview a reporter quizzed Allen about a touchy subject: his lack of chest hair. In response, Kris answered, “I do have a little bit. This is the weirdest question, by the way. But it’s OK. This is a fun one. But it’s really patchy and nasty looking. So I want man chest hair.”

Well, now that he’s a big, bad reality TV winner, he can afford one of those expensive weaves all the fancy boys wear.

Gallery Info: Kris Allen leaving ABC studios in NYC.