Amanda Overmyer And Her Skunk Hair Got Booted Off American Idol

America is challenged. What were they thinking? Trailer mama Amanda Overmeyer had to pack her rat’s nest and hitchhike home last night from American Idol. She was one of my favorites! She just didn’t care! She would drink you under the damn table and then steal your wallet to go buy some chewing tobacco!

How is the talentless Kristy Lee Cook still going strong? Michael Johns was exiled from Australia for being utterly boring! Who have these people slept with to still be clinging to this show?

Amanda took it in stride, because bitch is a tough cookie. “”It’s been a run. … No. 11 out of all them people is more than I could expect,” she said. Amanda, if you ever get up to Boston I will take you out for a beer. I’m sure we can find a shitkicker bar that has Janis Joplin and Gretchen Wilson tracks on the jukebox to get blitzed to somewhere in the area.