‘American Idol’ Final 24 And The Chris Golighty Mystery

Last night was a big night for American Idol as the remaining 17 semifinalists were named, finalizing the top 24.  What you didn’t see is what happened to Chris Golightly (I guess he went lightly, ha ha…).  While the curly haired contestant was seen in a group shot of 11 chosen boys and then at the finalist introduction dance segment Chris Golightly was swapped for Tim Urban (who must be pretty stoked).

“It has been determined that Chris Golightly is ineligible to continue in the competition,” read a statement from Fox. ” American Idol contestant Tim Urban has replaced Golightly as part of the Top 24.”

No one from Fox has given further comment and I’m guessing they won’t.  What did he do? Have an “inappropriate relationship” with a producer? If I was a gambling gal, which I am, I would put money down that there’s nudity or a rap sheet involved. Let’s take a quick trip down disqualified memory lane shall we? 

Joanna Pacitti, current DWTS Mark Balls girlfriend, was rumored to be dropped because of her previous career in music.

Carly Smithson was booted amid rumor of her previous experience but other sources say it was because her work visa was delayed

Brittenum Twins were booted for identity theft charges

Donnie Williams said bye because of a DUI.

Corey Clark failed to disclose his pending battery charges.

Frenchie Davis worked for an adult web site.

Jaered Andrews had a role in a beating death

You get the picture. In other words American Idol hopefuls you must hold off until after you are famous to act like a delinquent and then DUIs can be brushed off and naked pictures can only advance your career.

Now we play pick the American Idol winner from the finalists.  I’m choosing Mama Sox, because she is the only one I saw.  Leave your pick in the comments.

Watch the top 12 guys and girls in their first promo videos after the jump.