American Idol: Chris And Alaina Kickin’ It

Admittedly, I don’t watch the show. No, I’m not one of those preachy bastards who’s like PBS or nothing (though who doesn’t like “Are You Being Served?”) but I just never got around to it. Mostly because the yentas in my old office were always discussing it, celebrating it and analyzing it in much the same way I would with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” except Buffy had karate fights and sorcery and Paula Abdul doesn’t and isn’t high enough for me to tune in. Damn yentas. Anyway, two of this year’s hopefuls are apparently getting after it .

Sexy “American Idol” castoff Alaina Alexander and top ten finalist Chris Richardson may have sparked more than just a friendship on the show. An inside source revealed exclusively to TMZ that the pair “hit it off instantly,” and even after the busty songstress was voted off A.I. island, their relationship is afloat.

Our spy said that what they share is “beyond just friends.” It seems not to be a coincidence that the wannabeen Miss Alexander has a really sweet picture of the two on her MySpace page.

Also adding fuel to the romance rumors… last week when they panned the audience to show Richardson’s adoring friends and family, Alaina just happened to be in the crew.

Chris Richardson is kinda hotsy. He’s not Joey Fatone doing the cha-cha, though. Joey’s working those jazz pants to the limit! The limit in my dreams!