Cute Overload: The Most Popular Dogs In America Gather For A Photo Op [PHOTOS]

Gang’s all here!  A few cuties gathered together at the American Kennel Club today in New York City, as it was announced that they represent the country’s most popular dogs.

Apparently the labrador retriever is Manhattan’s most popular dog, not least because of its adorable face and pleasant demeanor.  According to Epoch Times, this particular breed has topped the nation for 22 years running, but only this year did the lab rise from second to first in New York City.

Guess who fell from the top?  The little Yorkshire Terrier.  Buh-bye, annoying purse dog 

The big guys are “bucking the trend, and they’re sending those pint-sized pooches packing,” Lisa Peterson, a spokesperson from the AKC said.

My sentiments exactly.

On Monday, the Westminster Kennel Club introduced two new breeds to its show this year, according to CBS News.  A pair of treeing Walker coonhounds and “several” Russell terriers greeted the press at a hotel across the street from Madison Square Garden, where the show will take place.  This year marks the 137th event, with 187 breeds being represented.

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